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Needs a Mail System

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The Blue Jelly

Senior Member


What I request, is the addition of some form of mailing system to either the client or the forum to allow discussion of things between two people even when one is not online.

Advantage for the Game:
This allows you to try to organize a game with people you haven't yet swapped alternate info with and aren't seeing online. It also would be useful for letting people know of your alts so they don't go "why is this guy friending me *decline*".

Advantage for the Forums:
When a thread's original post receives too many downvotes, it gets locked. Sometimes two people on the thread were in the middle of an argument, and wish to attempt to continue it. Other times two people wish to discuss things related to a thread (like a roleplay, for example), and don't have synchronized availabilities in order to contact eachother in-game to swap alternate communication methods without giving out their alternate communication method to the entire world via the forums.