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Tru something different: Fun, decent, rarely played champs/builds

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nukular power:
Janna is a serious DPS threat on Dom. She is totally OP as an AP mage instead of support in this game mode.

I play both, and I would definately rather use Janna over Karma for a dps-support role on Dominion. CC vs no CC is not even really a question.

cool story

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In Dominion, it feels to me like Tri-Force isn't as good as it is in SR on AD Eve. You get a crapton of gold in Dominion, so sure, you can afford the Tri, but Dominion games are also much shorter, so there aren't many big ticket items you can build after the Tri-Force. Instead of relying on that one item, I prefer to pick up a few other items and not rely on the Tri-Force proc effect.

PS-What's wasteful from Ghostblade, PD and IE or Sanguine?

Ghostblade/PD/IE/Sanguine are good late game items but none of them can replace Trinity Force. Triforce also gives you +120~ AD from the moment you get it or so damage every 2 seconds on the dot due to Q spam. Ignoring that, it also gives you AP/AD/HP/MANA(actually pretty important)/ASPD/Crit/MS none of which goes to waste and the ever important phage snare that your build seems to lack. Sheen + Phage are two of eves best items, why not finish it? I've tried various builds with Eve and the only one I've done that can toe to toe bruisers and 1v1 just about anything is Trinity -> tanky eve.

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Battle Taric

The Build: CDR, Tanky, Attack Speed

Begin with Kindlegem and Boots
Mercury Treads
Soul Shroud
Frozen Heart

At this point, you should have 200+ armor and maximum CDR, along with a good amount of health. Afterwards, I usually build Trinity Force, followed by Wit's End and Hextech Gunblade. Note that this build is pretty pricy, and usually doesn't complete itself unless you are in a particularly long match.

Why it works:
-The majority of champions one will face in Dominion are AD champs. Taric has incredibly high armor to counter this. I've gone into a 1v1 against a Tryndamere and ended up winning. His armor also spreads to other teammates, giving them a small buffer, allowing for greater chances of a successful fight.
-Max CDR allows for rapid fire stuns and Shatters, setting up enemies for kills, halting them in the jungle, or even killing them.
-A heal that has CD reduced each time Taric attacks. High CDR and Attack Speed makes this heal virtually spammable.
-An Ult that does a surprising amount of burst damage and can completely turn the tide of a team fight.
-Some of the highest base attack damage in the game make Taric's auto attack something you have to pay attention to.

In short, Taric is an incredibly powerful team player, and a strong survivalist when alone.

Where to play him:
When playing Taric, try and stay with your teammates, or on points. Your utility is wasted by going bottom, and Taric lacks the burst to take control of the jungle. If you do get caught trying to roam, Taric is exceptionally beefy, and with heals and stuns, he can evade all but the most mobile of champions.