Diana Halloween Skin

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I know im not the first to suggest a diana skin but she has only one. Since Halloween is coming up and i absolutely love playing Diana, I would like to suggest a skin for her. If i get enough replies i will draw up a picture of her skin and what her particle changes would look like. But for now, i want to just give an idea.

As i said before since Halloween is coming up I think a decent skin for Diana would be a vampire reference type skin. It would be called Hunter's Moon Diana or Harvest Moon Diana. Since the moon glows red and it occurs in September-October, the farmers society calls it the Hunter's or Harvest moon.
Her outfit would be a armor-like corset (since female vampires in certain movies wear corsets). Her corset would have grey cloth mesh and red armor plating. Along the breast-line of the corset there would be a lace that is black. At the bottom of the corset there would be a red skirt, but there isnt much able to say (i would draw it). She would wear black fishnets. Her shoes would be like those high-top gothic boots but like armored greaves. Those would be a dark red resembling bloodshed. She would wear a gothic neck piece similar to the one in the link (id draw it also). She would have black gaunts and then have red cloth underneath it ending a little after the gaunts. Her eyes would be glowing red of course as well as her Moon symbol and her eye make up would still be black. Her hair would be a dark brown with some black in it but the hair would be in big vertical curls that end at her mid back ( i would draw that too).

Please reply for some opinion, thank you.

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i like it