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My first ranked game!

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I have been around League since shortly after it came out of beta, and never once have I considered playing in Ranked because I thought it would be stressful and not fun. However today I finally decided what the heck and went for it.

Was one of the funnest games I've ever had in League to date! Other team was pulling ahead because we we getting caught out of position / alone, but we turned it around and had some fun solid team fights until we finally snowballed in the end and won.

I was jungle Trundle and I had a couple solid ganks at the start but ended up taking gangplank's spot in top lane when he couldn't deal with xin xhao (who I crushed). We communicated well in champion select (after having to wait through 5 champion selects because of leavers) and had a good looking composition: Gangplank, Trundle(jungle), Soraka, Swain and Vayne.

Other team was Xin Xhao, Nasus(Jungle), Graves, Sona and Malzahar. Soraka healed like a boss and between her and I we warded well, all of our players were solid in my opinion. Our soraka actually ended up DCing towards the end when things were tipped in our favor, but their nasus went afk on his team for no apparent reason.

It was unfortunate, especially for them without their bruiser (xin xhao was kept down all game and couldn't tank anything) but I still think it was fun and would feel the same even if I ended up on the losing side.

I just wanted to share my first experience with you guys and maybe encourage other people who are on the edge to get in there and have some fun.

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Shouldn't you be a Senior Member if you've been around since Beta? Huehue.