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The Report system is horribly broken

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I try to be a decent player - I'm at 1100 elo, I usually have a positive KDR ratio, try to call mias, etc. Sometimes I have a bad game and will finish at something like 0/6, only to be reported by my team for intentional feeding (where they make their intentions pretty clear).

Other times I've been reported for picking an unpopular character, playing an unpopular build, or refusing to play the role I was asked (i.e. when I first started ranked, I only had AP runes).

Finally, there's nothing like accidentally pissing off a duo, only to have them both harass and report you at the end of the match.

My point is that the report system is doing a better job of contributing to harassment than it is rooting out leavers and other players who make the game genuinely miserable to play. While it probably doesn't need to be taken out, it should be heavily revamped.

Severely limit players ability to report, so they can only report the most deserving trolls. And punish players (by diminished importance of reports, perhaps) if too many of their reports are pardoned.

Finally, let players who are reported post to the page if it comes to Tribunal. People who report can accuse them of anything; The reported should be able to speak in their own defense.