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Lee sin: items, runes, masteries. how am I doing?

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Was hoping to get some feedback on Lee Sin.

I usually run my runes as follows:

Quints - attack dmg
Yellows- armor
Blues-magic resist
Red - 6 attack dmg, 3 armor pen

I feel like the ad really helps him early game and helps a ton with early ganks

Masteries I run a basic 21/9/0 which is a jungle build. Also, I like to run lee sin as a lane if someone else wants to jungle. I would assume there would be better options for masteries in this case but I am not really sure.

Lastly, Items. I feel like this may be the reason I struggle at times as I am just not sure how to properly build my Lee Sin. Granted I am new to him and understand I have a lot to learn yet about his style and abilities.

I usually start with a vamp scepter->wriggles->merc treds->tri force(starting with phage)->atma's ...

That is about as far as I get in the span of your average normal game. Ive seen some other lee sin players go atmogs but after the nerf is that still worth while? i also see some lee sins build a BT early on but this seems to really take away form what lee sin does well and thats be a tanky dps.

anyway looking forward to hearing back form some other players on what I can do better to help me play a better Lee Sin

EDIT: ive been talking to some people who say it is better to scrap the tri force and the warmogs and get frozen mallet and FoN sooner. I can not try this at the moment because I am at work and doing data entry (Snooze) what do you think?

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Imo, you should just get phage and delay finishing triforce. It slows down your build too much and doesn't even give you great dmg output.

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Senior Member


there is several ways to build lee,
each way is catered to your style of play

lee is a great brusier as tanky dps or trinity off tank.
an amazing Nuke burst assin,

Nukie Sin probably has the highest skill requirment to play and survive {see my link at end to find my build on it}
however if played well he can drop most champions from full health to death with just Q-Q

the reason for this is his low hp,lack of magic resitance and highly relient on his W and Q target in and out of combat, requirs map awarness postional strategies and coridantion of your own team to use effectivly.

{ i have 600+ games with lee using various builds and mutile test orders}

however to answer your question:

optimized jungling
7 armour pen marks
2 flat attack damage marks
9 armour seals
9 flat Magic resitance or 9 Flat Cool Down reduction

{cdr allows for faster jungling but at a cost of early game magic resitance which lee has very little, running these play more cautiously and use lee as a nuke caster {kite/juke more and learn stack casting}

12 armour pen is needed to take down wraiths/wolves 2xgolems quickly as they start with 12 armour }

when building triforce go sheen-> phage getting zeal last.
this optimizes his early game damge out put when timing his 6 abilities. = 6 sheen proc's

90% of people miss this notation and rush phage going for increase base life and the on hit proc from lees physical attacks.

on hit abilties do not apply to any of lee's abilites, sheen on the other hand will amply the damge for QER

going tihs route doesnt slow down your damage output.

i run a 20|1|9 jungle page and i dont always go with wiggles.
i start with 5 heal pots and cloth armour this allows me to jungle anywhere on the map more effectively
{can take buffs with out leashes at lvl 1 with this set up - ie aggressive coutner jungling}

this starting item grants flexabilty in my build order
i can use it in conjuction with heart of gold to build omen, -> trinity off tank build up
or build into wiggles -> atamas warmogs style.

if im going warmmogs atamas a better build is
warmogs, atamas ,merctreads, trifoce,wiggles lantern,merc tread
order is
cloth armour or vamp sceptor
boots + razer -> wiggles +merc treads
build sheen, -> atamas
-> build warmogs to scale lees damage into late game.
-> finsih triforce & negatron clock
-> finish FoN

if the game goes late enough sell of lantren for a better item.
-> last item is situationals usualy i grab a Hextech gunblade
{traget 300 free damage, boasts lees Q: coupled with increased spellvamp,lifesteal and ad and ap scales his abilites more}
alteranives : blood thirster,lastwhisper,

i also start with
Q -> E ->W-> Q->Q ->R for stronger ganks
Q -> E ->W-> W->Q ->R for longre sustainability

alternatives is stratign with E as it increases your attack rates adn resets your attacks for more attacks quicker.

if i am soloing wiht lee, i use a 21|9|0 mastery set up
my final build is
merctreads,triforce,ghostblade,FoN,Rad's Omen, Gunblade

this uses early farm and gold per 5 to ramp quickly into a full build
build order
-> 4 healpots, 1 ward, Regivnations bead
-> Brutalizer, Averace blade
-> heart of gold + wardens mail
-> sheen
finish Triforce
finish ghostblade for more armour pen or omen for more armour
buy a negatron clock
finish fon
piece togther gunblade {games usually over by this point}

for easier to read items and masteries, and spells.
i use you can check my unfished guide...