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Things that need to be looked at.

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I am not sure where to post these but Ill start here. These are some things that happened to me. Some at the same time some not.

The PVP.net client is always slow when changing screens like goin from summoner page to runes etc.

The masteries sometimes dont show any description on what they do. ( seems screen freezes)

In masteries at the bottom of utility presence of the master says it reduses the recharge time of summoner spells. I dont see it working in game. maybe it works and i dont notice but i dont see it right now.

my summoner spell page was all messed up when I was joining a game and I couldnt pick new ones.

I also think the PVP.net client should max to full screen when it opens I have to scretch it length wise to read anything on the notes there.

Also for the rune page my blue rune spot wouldnt let me put a another tier 3 rune in but I was able to use a tier 2. not sure why. again this could be how its saposed to be but its wierd i got all tier 3 runes but in that oen spot now.

one other big thing in game that i have seen now in 3 dif games I played. not sure how to say it so here is the link of a screen shot of what I am talkin about.


After I alt tab the game and go back in it is gone but then its some where els on the map just like this. So it makes it really hard to see as you can see lol.

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there a problem with your video card maybe?... what are you using?

Ya i agree with the pvp.net client cause I'd like to be able to see all the descriptions of abilities for the champions. As of now you have to go into a game to see what some abilities do

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I made sure I had up to date drivers and I do. It does sound like its my video card but i dont see how it is if drivers are up to date.

but ye pvp client needs it xD