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Item Hunter

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Item Hunter v1.1


This is an idea for a custom game is focused on teamwork, and how well you communicate, along with extreme map awareness. In this, your team is given a specific number of items it can have. There are tasks you can complete (listed below) which increase the amount of items your team can have. This game is to be played as any other Normal 5v5, with the overall goal to kill the enemy Nexus, the only changes being the added importance of doing certain things, and the item slot limit. It is to be played in Draft Mode, so that champions such as Sion, Nasus, Veigar, and any other champs that have skills that scale infinitely, may be banned (or just champions your team doesn’t want to deal with ex: Tryndamere). Giving the items to the teammate that most needs it (Carry or DPS) is the way to victory. Also, pick champions that don’t really need items to do well, because you will not be able to get that many items.


Rules are subject to change

1. NO Snowball items allowed (Meaning items that stack ex: Mejais)

2. The only elixir allowed is oracles.

3. Consumables (Potions/Wards) do not count as an item slot.

4. Make sure to keep track of how many items each person/team has, and do not go over the limit.

5. Everyone will start with only 1 Item Slot.

6. Tasks below must be completed to give the team extra item slots.

7. Before the game starts, your team must choose a Captain.
The captain is the one who has the final decision in the people who get items, and keeping track of the item limit.

8. If you are going to buy an item, you must either buy the full item at once or ONE lesser item which builds into it. Ex: if you wanted Bloodthirster, you must buy a B.F. Sword OR a Vampiric Scepter, not both, and then build one of the two into the Bloodthirster.

9. When a task is completed, always type in /all the current number of item slots for each team, or “+#” if you do not recall the exact score. Ex: “/all 5/7” (Blue side is left with 5 Item Slots, Purple side is right with 7 Item Slots)

Tasks and Rewards

(Task | Reward for Task)

Score an Ace | 2 Item Slots

Kill Baron | 2 Item Slots

Kill Dragon | 1 Item Slot
When dragon is dead, the team that killed it must announce its death ex: “Dragon Down +1” and the enemy team is allowed to have someone check, a “scout”. The scout is not allowed to be killed, but if the scout is killed, the scout’s team is rewarded 2 item slots. (If more than one person checks, they are allowed to be fought/killed)

4. Destroy a turret | 1 Item Slot

5. 10 Champion Kills | 1 Item Slot


Original Idea from:

Thanks, and I hope you have fun playing Item Hunter!

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sounds like fun