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Tip for Support Alistar players (Generally only works for purple team)

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This is just a little tip for support Alistar players.

I find he's better on purple side than blue side. Currently, it's always support + ranged DPS in the bottom lane.

However, on the purple side, Alistar also has access to the blue side's bottom jungle. This gives him flexibility to counter jungle in the early game.

This can be incredibly powerful sometimes. Most junglers get to red last, and usually this means they'll be low on health. If they're not interrupted, they can take on the Lizard fine.

However, with vision of red (ward or CV) and knowing the lane is okay, it's possible for you to simple run up there and kill the jungler (be sure to time it right - too early or too late and they'll escape).

I've done this multiple times and it's very satisfying when it works. Not only do you score a kill, you also steal the buffs the jungler had and set him/her back, which helps snowball into a better early game.

Unfortunately this generally only works if you're on purple side, since as you can tell, purple side's red Lizard is way on the other side of the map.