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[Solo RP] Two Hearts, One Love

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So, you're most likely looking at the title, and thinking 'solo RP. Is that legal?' Well, it may not be, but I'm doing it. I enjoy the open-endedness of RPs, as well as some of the interesting characters that appear in it, but I also love to write a lot at a time, not people going on a roulette. That's interesting, but it's slow. So, I thought I'd take some of my RP characters, as well as some others, if you leave your profiles OOC below this, and write an actual story with them.

Speaking of which, the story! This takes place in an ancient Valoran, about 2000 years ago, before the first rune war was even THOUGHT about. So, this has already set the limits on characters you can suggest to me: Immortals, time-travellers, people who lived in that time period, and people so cookie-cutter they can fit almost anywhere.

Continuing, it's about these four mages, studying at a mage tower in Demacia. Well, starts at three, will move up to four. One's a beautiful young lady, the other two are trying to win her over. Well, three, later on. Anyways, this story will move through their misadventures trying to woo her, but then eventually move on to the inevitable: combat. MAGE combat. This should get interesting.

Please, let us get on with the applications! I'm giving you guys about a day for initial characters, ones who will appear in the beginning and stay through. Caution: Since I'm doing this solo, give me a character who you don't mind having no control over. You can tell me their personality, but no actual direct control. Requests? Sure. Comments, corrections? As much as you feel necessary. Direct control? I'm sorry, no.

You can submit characters at any time. Enjoy!


Starter Characters:
Philos http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/1305
Jaania http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/1285
Alex http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/1316
(Profiles come later)

Late Entry Characters:
Xan http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/1299

http://summoners.shurelia.com The website for creating profiles for RP characters. This is where you go if you need to make one.

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Wow, not a single request? Guess I'm going to have to do this alone...*sigh*

Tomorrow, though. Things came up, and I didn't get a chance to write the first part.

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Yes! I finally got enough time! I'll be writing up the first segment in no time.

Also, if you're reading this, please, go to the thread marked 'Riot Wars OOC' and offer Sagarys your condolences. A relative of his recently died. Which also means the Riot Wars may be going on Hiatus soon. It should only be a quick trip, though.

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Two Hearts, One Love
A RP-based Fanfiction by Jaykoboy

Modern Day
Somewhere in Valoran

Jaania shot awake. But she didn't remember falling asleep in the first place. Which was odd. But that didn't matter. It was another fine day. In...wherever she was. Where...where was she?

She looked around. She seemed to be in a neat little cabin, made of wood, with cute windows facing around. Looking out, she could see a light dusting of snow covering mile after mile of pine trees. Re-adjusting her glasses, like she always did when she got nervous, Jaania flopped down backwards onto the bed she'd been lying on. Where the hell am I?

She could hear two voices arguing nearby. Turning over to look towards them, she saw two men. One seemed familiar, while the other was completely foreign. The first, the familiar, was a lanky, pale man, with wispy, brown hair and wire-rimmed glasses, much like hers. It was combed over his face but out of the way of his kind brown eyes. Whenever his wry little mouth moved, the small goatee beneath it seemed to become a blur. His voice was kind, with a slight note of monotony, and didn't seem to stand out in the environment.

The other was tall, thin, and draped in fantastic blue marbled robes. He moved more fluently and slowly than the other man, his robes shimmering with every breath of air in the room. His hair was far overgrown, falling quite over his face, and an odd tone of gray...no, not gray, silver. Around his wrists and neck, there was a variety of amulets, each a different color with a completely unique stone set into it. Across his back, there was a wooden staff, gnarly and old, with a ornate headpiece. As he turned to face her, she caught a flash of violetin his eyes. His face was plain, long, and seemed nice enough.

The tall one smiled. "The sleeping beauty awakens."

Jaania pushed herself up onto her knees. "Where...where am I?"

The tall one gestured to the cabin. "In a cabin. Where else would you expect?"

The lanky one groaned. "Philos, not everything is obvious to everyone." He turned to Jaania. "We are in a forest, north of Demacia, near the border of Freljord. It's just the latest 'safe' place Philos was able to find."

Jaania tilted her head to one side, giving the other two an odd look. "I'm...I'm sorry, so you've been other places? And...who are you?"

The lanky one laughed. "Ha! Just as I thought! I KNEW she'd have relative amnesia! And you thought she'd be fine. There, proof I'm smarter."

The taller one, who was apparently named Philos, rolled his eyes. "But who's the one who broke her out?"

The lanky one turned on his heel and started approaching Jaania, still talking to Philos. "You did, true, with MY studies. Without me, she would've been stuck forever. No matter how much power you have, you--"

Philos rolled his eyes. "--can't be any better without skill, yes, I know. Give that rusty old quote a break, Alex."

Jaania snapped her fingers. "Alex! I rememeber you. We...we used to...uh...do something together...but I can't remember what."

Alex sat down next to her. "Yes, we used to study together. In a mage tower, in Demacia. You remember that, don't you?"

Jaania hit herself on the head a couple of times. "I...I think I do...I just can't remember any details."

Philos sat on the other side of her. "Don't worry, we can help. You have Relative Amnesia."

Alex leaned back slightly. "Relative Amnesia is a proposed, until-now 'theoretical' medical condition I first diagnosed with you. It is when you can remember your past perfectly, but since things had changed so much since your past, you can't remember any details, or anyone in the present, or make any connections. But, it's easily curable--"

Philos took out a large, dusty old journal "--with THIS!"

Alex patted himself down. "Why, you...gimme that!"

Philos dangled it away from Alex. "Make me!"

Alex closed his eyes for a moment, and the book became outlined in a misty blue aura. It started pulling towards him slightly. Philos closed his eyes, as well, and a veil of water spread out of the tip of his staff, surrounding him entirely. "Ha! You wouldn't dare move the journal through water, would you?"

The two men...or, apparently, boys...continued arguing like this, fighting each other with mild magic, back and forth for several minutes. Jaania silently fumed between the two of them. She finally cracked. "Honestly, I can't stand you two! Sometimes, I wish I'd gone with Xan!"

When she cried out with this sudden outburst, Philos and Alex both yelped. Philos's water bubble had started crystallizing rapidly, turning into a sphere of ice that cracked and crumbled around him. Alex moved away, hugging himself to stay warm in the now cold area around Jaania.

Philos looked at her with an odd look. "How...how can you not remember us, but still remember Xan?"

She gave him an odd look back for his trouble. "I have no clue who Xan is. I think it was just reflex."

Alex adjusted his glasses quickly, returning just as fast to his self-hugging position. "J-j-just as I t-t-thought."

Philos took his staff and poked Alex over, making him fall off the bed. "You didn't say anything. And warm up a bit. Grab your coat."

As Alex crawled over to the coat stand, Philos turned back to Jaania. "So, seems you might need a bit of a jumpstart with your memory, eh? Don't worry, this thing will help you. It's a full journal, completely immersive, of our travels...well, not so much. It's mostly your own. It used to be yours, you kept it back at the tower. I think it would be best to start at day one."

Jaania took the extremely heavy book. "Wow...how long has this thing been keeping track?"

Philos shrugged. "Oh, I'd estimate that the three of us have added onto it through about...I dunno, about 2,015 years? And then when I found Xan's old diary, I added that as well."

Jaania looked down at the book. "Amazing. How is that possible? And what does completely immersive mean?"

She didn't get an answer, because as soon as she opened the book, the pages glowed brightly, pulling her into a world of memories.

App. 2015 years ago
The Mage's Tower of Education and Talent

Jaania looked around the room. As soon as she'd turned eighteen, her parents had found the money to send her to the Mage's Tower. It was magnificent, even just walking into the main hallway.

It had seemed much smaller on the outside, but on the inside, the entry hall was large enough to fit three of her old houses within. Its arches towered above her, meeting in their wooden crosses, forming an ornate pattern across the ceiling. And, as the mages had seen fit to add their own touch, occasionally, a cold front raining warm snow or a violent thunderstorm would roll across the ceiling, entertaining the mind with images only a mage may imagine. Lining the walls, there was row after row of doors. Each one was entirely different, ranging anywhere from solid gold to old wood. Mages were constantly fluttering in and out of them, rushing from side to side, either carrying books or levitating them close behind. Down the hallway, she could see huddles of people around her age, each talking quietly to themselves. There were also so many small contraptions and devices...but she didn't get a chance to see all of them in detail. Instead, she was ushered to the foot of a massive pedestal.

Looking upwards, her eyes met with the small, black beads of a wry little mage. Looking down his long nose at her, he didn't say anything for a moment. He then turned back to his paper. "Alright, let's see here, what do we got this time...ah, yes, Jaania Young. Aged eighteen years this last August, skilled in...Cryomancy? Rare magic...average height, blond hair, wears glasses...have the curse of 20/40, eh? Favorite dress is a blue gown, simple, effective...somehow flattering...general childhood actions demonstrate kindness and understanding...you're all checked in, go on down the hall, you're to report to the library immediately."

She raised a hand as if to question, but the man didn't even bother to look up. "It's fifty doors down on the right hand side, go up the stairs until you reach the top."

Lowering her hand, she grabbed her bag and made her way in the direction he had shown her. After finding her way to the magnificent library, she looked around, amazed by the vast collection of books. Looking around, she saw a young man, around fifteen, sitting at the main desk, occasionally adjusting his glasses as he scribbled away at the parchment.

She made her way up to it. "Uh, excuse me, my name is Jaania, and I was just checking--"

He looked up at her, his brown hair falling on his face. As he brushed it out of his eyes, he blushed slightly. "Oh, uh, er, yes, checking in, I believe? All good, Jaania. Last name's Young, right? Okay then, I'm going to be running you through how things work around here. I'm your guide, Alex."

He stood up, barely coming up to her eye level. "My, you're..."

He rolled his eyes. "Yes, yes, I know, I'm short, I'm a midget, go ahead, take at me. Everyone else does. Honestly, I'm a mage, and they STILL call me a bookworm. Laugh all you want now, you imbeciles!"

Jaania giggled slightly at his tirade. "No, I was going to say sort of cute. C'mon, you promised me a tour, right?"

He seemed slightly taken aback, but blushed all the same. "Mighty kind of you, miss. Now, if you just follow me, we'll get started, okay?"


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The Middle of a Tour