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help against wukong

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Icy Charmander

Junior Member


Hi guys! I'm a 1500 elo player that got there playing ad carries/support/and jungle. but I've recently started playing top and its a total different game!

So I would like to ask some questions

To start off, I picked tryndamere and bought brawlers (as suggested by the guides) and headed top. I was against wukong and in the first min, shaco comes out and ganked me bringing me to half hp. I was later killed by the lv 2 shaco who stayed at top bush. I come runnning back, being more wary, stay closer to tower but me being lv 1 and wukong 3, his dash takes out a quarter of my hp whenever I cs. Then shaco comes again and kills me. At this point, I'm very low on level and was beaten out of lane.

How do I avoid a situation like this in the future?

My teammates told me that I should get cloth and 5+ pots.

Is there a certain way I have to play against wukong?

p.s very frustrating game, getting flame by people who misses skillshots and WW ulting clones.

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Okay first, Shoulda started cloth 5 pots (which you may already know with dem flamers). Second, wukong has no sustain. If you (as trynd) can utilize your pots and Q effectively you can win the lane. And don't be overly aggresive until your 6. Best bet to beat Wukong/ganks is hittin R. Hope this helped.