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Rune Upgrading...

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Inherently, the 5 runes = whee, upgraded one. 3 runes = another rune.

I feel while this is fine and dandy, it's not as helpful as it could be.

Runes are only purchasable via IP as it is, and more games = more IP. However many runes outrank others for something you might do. So I propose a different upgrade option, via the store.

"Lesser Rune of X" > "Rune of X" > "Greater Rune of X"

It's simple, but would allow less IP waste on a rune set. If I get a full set of Lesser Runes, lets assume I followed a guide and got decent ones. Instead of randomizing which one I'd get, I'd instead get the next version.

What's the catch?

Upgrading a rune to the next of it's type would cost:

Difference of IP costs + flat rate = Cost of the upgrade
As long as the difference does not exceed the cost of the higher tier rune.

To be frank, I have some level 1 runes kicking around, simply because it's not efficient to buy some to exchange. You can't get rid of them otherwise and they clog the thing up a bit.
2/5th of current rune's IP cost

Lesser Mark of Strength (15 IP) + (65 IP + 2/5th of current rune's IP cost) = 69 IP to upgrade to:

Mark of Strength (80 IP) + (125 IP + 32 IP ) = 157 IP to upgrade to:

Greater Mark of Strength (205 IP)

I feel this would help newer players get a solid rune page and maintain it through the levels, upgrading as needed. It would also help get rid of older runes for well played players.

The extra cost is so that this system cannot be abused and does keep that benefit for saving IP for later level runes, without taking the ability to build a solid rune page early.

A limitation to this system would be levels again. One can only upgrade to that tier if one can buy that type of rune tier.

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MrMajor Facepalm



I find that this is useful, to a certain extent, as I bought tier 2 runes at about level 11 as I (noobishly) thought they were the only runes. Now, I can craft those runes I bought in a mistake. Other than that though, the rune crafting bit isn't that useful.

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That Other Guy

Senior Member


Rune Combiner? Oh, you mean the trash compacter.

Seriously though we really need to be able to sell back runes at like half price.