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Champion Simulaor Option Outside of a Match

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I would very much enjoy to see an application where you can select a champion, items, masteries, and runes, so you can see what works well and what does not outside of a match. This application should show the effects of each decision made in each item, mastery, and rune choice. This would allow summoners to have a better build set up before a match without regretting their choices later after the match has already been decided for the worse. As well, first time players of different champions would not be at a disadvantage because they would know more of what to expect. Personally I do not find a bots match to be an accurate gauge of the effectiveness of a champion/build because they are too predictable, and real players have different counters and builds of their own that can make any practice in a bots match void. That is why the League of Legends client needs to have a Champion Build option outside of a match.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate any comments or suggestions.