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Forum organization

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I just began playing recently, and only more recently began frequenting the forums. While I've only been browsing for a short time, I've already become a bit annoyed at how hard it is to find relevant discussion in the proper forums. I keep going to the Summoner's Rift forum to read up on in depth information for that map, but instead find mainly unrealted general discussion topics.

I'll be frank. The main forum page is badly organized. General Discussion, New Players, and Guides and Strategy should all be directly at the top. Those are the forums people are most likely to go to when getting on here. But right now, general discussion (at least on my computer) actually requires scrolling down a page to even see.

I believe a few changes in the layout of the page will help guide people to the appropriate forums rather than having them click on the first thing they see. I for one am kind of annoyed at all the irrelevant posts in the forum sections.