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Skarner - Best Friend That Never Was

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Journal Entry - 24

Skarner the Crystal Vanguard

And there I sat, on a comfy chair, surrounded by many leather bound books. The smell of rich mahogany filled the room. I heard a gentle rapping against the door.

`Come in.` I exclaimed.

`I... I can't open the door.` The voice sounded familiar.

I arose from my seat, turning the knob and swinging it open; only to discover the creepy and crawly Champion of the League, Skarner. I was taken aback momentarily, he could sense it.

`Am I interrupting you?` He spoke softly.

`No.. n-not at all, I was just reading, by all means, come in.` I moved from the threshold of the doorway as he skittered inside. `Take a sea-` I paused momentarily. `What can I do for you, Skarner?`

He maneuvered around the room for awhile, I could sense he was deeply perturbed. The silence, although merely seconds, felt like minutes had gone by. I quietly waited, acquiring my seat once more and closed the book of the Encyclopedia of Magic. Removing my glasses, I placed them on the table as he finally seemed capable of spilling out whatever it was he was holding back.

`I... I have no friends, Summoner.` I could see the crystal formations in his teeth clenching.

`No friends? Why do you think that is?` I replied calmly, both of my hands arose before me in a steeple like manner. I was prepared to listen to the Crystal Vanguard open himself. As far as I was concerned, Skarner seemed really depressed, perhaps together we could get to the bottom of his deeply rooted problems.

`I miss my kind.. I miss my brothers, the Brackerns... since Kalamanda, things just haven't been the same. I... I can't do anything short of Battling in the Field of Justice, summoner.` His tone was low, he seemed to be overcome with grief and melancholy.

`I see... go on Skarner, I'm willing to listen.` I canted my head in the slightest manner, hoping to understand exactly how deep this rabbit hole went.

He hasted his reply, `The other Champions, none of them understand my sorrow.. my deep depression. I can't go to any events... anytime a beer is handed to me, my pincers break the bottle. I'm too short to go on any roller coaster rides. I can't Golf, due to my inability in swinging a club... I just want to feel accepted among my fellow Champions of the League.` Although he tried to hold back, a tear formed and immediately crystallized.

I understood a lot more about Skarner now than I had before. When we were battling on the Field of Justice, I remember him mentioning the Crystal Scar weeping. Little did I know this creepy and crawly monstrosity was actually.. quite sensitive.

I took a deep inhalation, looking up to my ceiling for a moment before glancing back down at him.

`I understand. Tell me, what was life like back then, with your brethren?`

`They... t-they used to call me Skarnie... we would go around hunting together, play fighting with our pincers and stingers, I was accepted, I was one of them.. but not here.. there's none of that here for me... all I want to do is protect my fellow Champions on the Field of Justice... and truly show them how much I care for them... I don't know what else to do...`
He exclaimed, in a truly broken down state.

I felt bad for him, and as a person, I didn't know what to do. This situation had not been presented to me before. So I thought to handle it the best way I could, by providing the advice only a best friend could wish for.


His head shifted upwards, it almost seemed as if the name soothed him into a sense of calm. I walked over, patting him on the back gently.

`...try to look at it from the perspective that you are their best friend on the Field of Justice. We can't always be here for everyone all the time, but when they truly need you.. just know you're always counted on to pull through for the team.` I smiled at him, in my attempt to cheer him up a bit.

`Besides... I'll be your friend.`

If crystals could shape a smile, that's exactly the expression I saw on Skarner's face. He felt truly accepted, and without it, who knows how long he would have bottled up his deep emotions.

Skarner... The Best Friend That Never Was.

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T-they used to call me Skarnie...

(Picture of Skarner rearing up to sting something)

That right there is a T-shirt they need to put in the merch store.

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I agree with ReaverKing.

I want my Skarnie T-Shirt!

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skarner my favorite tank in a fan fiction for once. loving it.