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Please explain WHY the auto re-que system is still in place?

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Old question, never answered or fix.

The auto re-que system is the biggest inconvenience this game has. I witnessed someone AFK in a ranked game which then made someone on their team que-dodge when it was obvious they AFK. The person AFK was then put back in the next que, also there again AFK. Someone dodged that time as well where I was able to hit the cancel button fast enough to escape.

How is it fair that people have to remove themselves from que, and be penalized because of (both equally) other people just not being there and Riots horrible decision making?

Since the champion select is time sensitive, automatically putting someone back into a game que is the worst idea. I can not see any reason for it to be beneficial in retrospect to the dire consequences it holds.

For such a simple request (and common complaint), why has it not been fixed?

This is something Mac would do, such as release devices that you can't change the battery in. Does Riot want to be like Mac? "We make nice things that have huge setbacks that everyone complains about but we refuse to fix."