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Ive Watched all the Anime On Hulu

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Witchblade is a good action-packed one. Might be too on the girl-power side for you, but I loved it.

Samurai Champloo would probably be perfect for you, I don't see it on your list.

I loved both those. Witchblade is about someone loving their family and willing to fight for them to the death. Don't see why you got to call it girl power.

I don't call bleach man domination or some dumb **** like that either.

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Don't know how you can stand hulu. While i've used it the commercials during the show at their scheduled time and the censoring made me face palm a little too much.

I also agree on death note after the one guy died the show just didn't match the first half at all.

not sure on hulu but you may like blood + or trinity blood. I'm also a big fan of hellsing, but not sure if you have seen that yet or not