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Allow preseason statistics to be seen?

Yes 9911 91.56%
No 914 8.44%
Voters 10825 .

[Poll] Please bring old statistics back

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Friend of Urf


Now Over 9000!!!
Help me bump to keep this alive!!

EDIT 10/26/2012: Elise Release / TT Update
it's been a long time since I have bumped due to forum bug. Some great progress throughout the past 2 years. However, a lot of players still want this.

EDIT 7/13/2012: Stealth Remake INCOMING!!!!
Stealth rework is almost here. Now we need to work on this.

EDIT 5/23/2012: New Graphic Update!
Ranked teams have a viewable history of previous matches. You can actually go back and view the post-game stats. This is GREAT! I think this should be added to normal games/solo que as well.

The community and myself would like to see normal game statistics added back into the game. Simply adding a win/loss visible through account along with stats for top 3 normal game champs would be nice. The stats are still being tracked, so it should be fairly easy to add them back.

Clarification Edit*:
Players should be able to see normal game loses from their profile.
Allow for tracking stats for normal games, similar to ranked. This includes most played champs and win %.

If you agree, +1 and bump this post so riot can get community feedback and maybe change it.

What stats specifically do you guys really care about in normal games?

The only ones that existed before were the totals for your top played champions and your 10 previous matches.

Our thinking was that it was better to have:
- Extremely detailed stats for ranked
- Cumulative stats for Normal that go up and do not focus on insane optimization or K/D/A ratios, etc (we'll be adding tooltips to Takedowns, etc to explain what they are). We still track more stats for normal, but do not display them.
- Achievements that will be tied into both systems

We're not finished rolling out stats features, performance rewards, etc - there will be a lot more coolness coming.

This was found in another post, but I feel it applies here. Normal game statistics have a HUGE following.
Generally, because having a small following for something doesn't denote popularity on a grand scale. Forums don't provide a 1:1 analog for what will be popular.

Just because an ideas is borne of the community, does not mean that the skin is actually wanted over something else - and popularity is important for skins, both from a sales and a "did players get something they actually wanted" standpoint (Those two numbers are largely the same metric).

Joke skins are also a commodity - to many and you inundate the coolness of them. Many of these are also extremely niche inside jokes, offensive to some players, or just plain out-of-bounds. Some people wanting them isn't worth it, in those cases.

When an inside-joke is easy to understand or has a large following, we'll do those skins. Corporate Mundo, Gentleman Cho'Gath and Brolaf are examples of these.

Another post from another thread. Morello talks about community feedback and Riot's decisions.
We do listen to the community, but not at 1:1 comparison. We utilize community feedback as a major data point, but we don't just run with popular decisions without utilizing other data points and our own analysis (though, that would make us more popular in the short term, we'd be largely unable to make tough decisions and the game would degrade).

As for the reset, both have advantages and disadvantages; we have to choose on what is best for players as a whole, even if that isn't necessarily the most popular decision. Why would we choose an option if we didn't believe it would have the intended result?

Edit: With 2000 votes in, the votes are unanimous. People want their Pre-S1 Statistics back. This thread has become a Mega Thread with only 1 red response in it. Over 90% of the LoL population that voted want their stats back.
Yes - 1,812 - 90.60%
No - 188 - 9.40%

Edit2: This post is now 4 months old. We are just looking for some response whether this can be done or not. A response yes/no would be great.
Yes - 2,074 - 90.77%
No - 211 - 9.23%

Edit3: Another month, no response.
Yes - 2,668 - 91.28%
No - 255 - 8.72%

Edit4: Here's to the New Year!
Yes - 3,209 - 91.58%
No - 295 - 8.42%

Edit5: Happy Valentine's Day
Yes - 3,444 - 91.72%
No - 311 - 8.28%

Edit6: March
Yes - 4,308 - 91.86%
No - 382 - 8.14%

Edit7: April!!~~~~~~~~
Yes - 4,790 - 92.12%
No - 410 - 7.88%

Edit8: May!*!*!*!
Yes - 5,491 - 92.16%
No - 467 - 7.84%

Edit9: June
Yes - 5,881 - 92.34%
No - 488 - 7.66%

Edit10: July ~ 1YEAR OLD ~
This is officially 1 Year old today!. There has been a slight increase in No votes over the past month, but the overwhelming majoring still would like statistics shown for normal games.
Yes - 6,548 - 92.28%
No - 548 - 7.72%

Edit11: August
The average seems to have leveled out at 92% - 8%.
Yes - 7,396 - 92.23%
No - 623 - 7.77%

Edit12: September (End of Season 1)
Yes - 8,049 - 91.87%
No - 712 - 8.13%

Edit13: October
Yes - 8,406 - 91.57%
No - 774 - 8.43%

Edit14: November
Yes - 8,675 - 91.51%
No - 805 - 8.49%

Edit15: 11/22/2011 Season 2 Launch
Yes - 8,703 - 91.50%
No - 808 - 8.5%

Edit16: 12/15/2011 Christmas Showdown
Yes - 8,840 - 91.46%
No - 825 - 8.54%

Edit17: 3/15/2012
Yes - 9,376 - 91.46%
No - 876 - 8.54%

Edit18: 5/23/2012 Graphic Update
Yes - 9,561 - 91.49%
No - 889 - 8.51%

Edit 19: 7/13/2012 Stealth Remake
Yes - 9,654 - 91.51%
No - 896 - 8.49%

Edit 20: 10//26/2012 TT Remake
Yes - 9,844 - 91.59%
No - 904 - 8.41%

If this simply cannot be done, Please just respond saying so and we can let this post fade away, but after a YEAR of no response, it could use another. Any red post giving any more information would be great, Thanks.

Support Ticket on 6/16/2011


I was hoping to get a response from Riot as a follow up to this post- http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=166144
The post is several months old (almost a year old) and the only response was from tryndamere. The majority of forum users that chose to participate in the poll are in favor of bringing back normal game statistics even for just the top 3 champions. There are currently 5,900 people in favor and only 490 people against. The thread has remained on topic for nearly a year (achievement unlocked) and has been bumped almost every day. If we could please get an official response that says that it is being looked into, or even saying "We will not be having normal game statistics ever again". We just want to be informed that it has at least been brought to Riot's attention. This is not your normal support ticket we understand, but perhaps it can be directed to the proper people.

Thanks for your time,
IUironman & Community

Ticket Response from VuDu 6/22/2011 & 6/24/2011
Greetings Summoner!

This is something that has been seen and discussed, but unfortunately, I cannot provide you with any more additional information regarding our plans or non-plans for restoring normal game statistics. We understand the thread is very popular and the poll has many votes and we have considered that. Thank you for your interest and feedback.
If you have any more concerns, questions, or feedback, please feel free to let me know.

Vudu /// Game Specialist
Riot Games Player Support


Greetings Summoner!

Unfortunately, we do not necessarily comment on any kinds of possible plans or non-plans of future content or suggestions, so I am sorry that I won't necessarily be able to comment or update the status of that post. Thank you for your voicing your concerns to me, and if there is anything else I can do, please let me know.

Vudu /// Game Specialist Riot Games Player Support

Below is a picture showing normal game stats pre-S1. This is not my picture, but another supporter asked to post this. I think a majority of people would like to see their w/l along with top 3 champs for normal.

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Friend of Urf


Why? Why would you do this? Because it was the "pre-season?"

So all of the games played by all of the players with different champions, the top played lists....it's all completely irrelevant....WOW.

The ENTIRE reason I came to this game from DotA was because of the stat tracking. Sure, the new heroes were cool for a bit, but I stayed with the game because I could see what games I won, what games I lost, and how well I was doing with my main champions. These were all AMAZING features.

Now the champions feature got COMPLETELY reset? Why? What does Normal games have to do with Ranked games? Why would you take those statistics away?

Page 106
What's really frustrating is the complete lack of any kind of answer on this.

If they wanted this issue gone, they could lock it and it would probably never get this amount of support again.

If they wanted to implement it, well, we've seen time and time again that Riot has no qualms with discussing upcoming features way in advance (and I mean this with no negative tone whatsoever).

Meanwhile, this thread is without a doubt the strongest, longest, most consistent, most unanimous, most positive and polite initiative this community has ever seen. We've gone for a hundred+ pages and not once has this derailed or devolved into a ragefest or Riot bash fest.

People are making themselves heard and agreeing again and again and again on something they want in a positive and constructive manner... which is what Riot says they want people to do every time they lock a rant thread. Yet still, we get no answer, no discussion, no debate It's really just confusing at this point.

I am at least proud of how this thread has turned out; it shows the community can turn out something positive when it needs to.

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Senior Member


Absolutely. I don't know WHY they would remove those statistics. How can that be a good thing?

Also, thanks for the quote.

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I'd like a tab for each and every season that we play in, including pre and post, so we can look back and check trends and stuff.

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Senior Member


Posting in agreement with this. Already posted in a couple of threads asking for this feature to be returned, some vague responses from Riot saying maybe. I for one don't really intend to play ranked games BUT I would still like to be able to see how well I'm doing! I believe it does still show w/d/l in the post-game chat, so why can't we have it in our profile? It doesn't even have to be public, just for our own private use.

EDIT: Or is this Riot attempting to force more people into ranked games? *tinfoil* Some of us don't really like draft mode. Or being overly serious about stuff.

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Junior Member


As I posted in another thread:

I don't care about ranked games at all. I'm a casual player, I know for a fact that I'll never, EVER, get that $100k. Why would I ever want to play a ranked game?

Riot, why would you take away a feature that we've had for so long? As a casual player, I feel utterly insulted, because it seems like you think anyone who isn't playing for the competition is unimportant. You're alienating your casual player base, and if you keep treating us like we're unimportant, you're going to start losing players.

Whether you think normal games are important or not is irrelevant. I, and many other casual players, do think normal games are important. Normal games are all I play, they're all that matter to me. So, I request that you bring back this feature that you gave us and then took away, unnanounced, and without an explanation. I'm being civil here, but rest assured I'm in quite an amazing rage about this.

Don't give me something if you intend to just take it away again for no apparent reason.

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riot needs to get on one of these threads and OFFICIALLY confirm what their plan is for this.

the lack of transparancy is appaling.

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Senior Member



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what is this doing without a response? back to the top.

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Senior Member


Who said no? I wat'd