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Jungle AP TF

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Because I felt like it. 4 for 6 in normals. Not viable in ranked obviously, but pretty funny ganks as early as lvl 1,lol, and clears jungle creeps pretty fast as game goes on, though obviously always better in lane.

Ult basically feels kinda like a weaker nocturne ult, but can get in 2 stuns for a gank if needed.

Requires a pretty good leash. Built 20/10/0, for as much def against jungle creep as possible lol. mpen reds, armor seals, ap quints, ap/lvl glyphs, although could probably do anything for glyphs. Was running move speed quints initially too which is probably better really. I doubt there's an optimal item build for this though, i pick up cloth armor and then boots or a doran's ring, then build hextech if I feel like just farming or sheen or straight to needlessly large rod if I had some successful ganks.

Try it just for giggles, hopefully you can get fb with an early gank so your team will stop complaining about jungle tf in a normal game. Your team won't take you seriously, so neither will your opponents so maybe you can surprise them.