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Increased loss of elo but not Increased winning of elo

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Why is it that I can win 11 ranked matches in a row and get 11 elo for every win. Then on my first loss I lose 12 elo and then my second is 13 elo and now it stays at minus 13 elo a loss.
I really makes playing rnaked point less since as you can't help it peopel quit in the middle of game, people troll, and people just seem to be Helen Keller on the computer....for a lack of any better explaination.
So why would your system not reward peopel for doign well yet smash your face in just because you get stuck in 4v5 matches or 4v6 matches?
I mean it is hard enough for you to gain or loss 45 elo in the start and then slowly only be able to get only get 121 for 11 stright wins and loss 90 for 7 losses explain that to me please what script was written to caluate that as an effective measure of how to judge people abilities.