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5FM New Team Live Stream

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Hello everyone,

I recently started a team for fun, and started a stream for fun. So if anyone wants to watch and check it out you can see us play some awesome low elo ranked teams when we have all 5, also and feedback on things we do wrong would be appreciated, we're not pro :P

Team Name is 5 Fiddlesticks Mid

Live Stream Link: http://www.own3d.tv/PainasaurusRex#/live/190410

Team is:
Brap - Solomid
Comedie - Solo Top
BigTig - Support
PainasaurusRex - Ranged AD
AuspexMC - Jungler

Our roles are still in the work, but that's the setup right now

I also stream Dota 2 but that's not until next week, this week is all League