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Sivir - Ranged - 1/24/12

Burst Damage - *** 2 stars for her Boomerang (double hit), 1 star for her Ricochet that double attacks if activated correctly
Sustained Damage - **** 2 stars for Ultimate self steroid, 1 star for Passive (keeping in range), 1 for short cooldown on Ricochet and the bounce.
Aoe Damage - ** 1 Star for Boomerang, 1 star for Ricochet

Pursuit - *** 2 stars for ult and 1 star for passive
Poke - ** 1 Star for BB and 1 star for Ricochet
Harass - ** 1 Star for BB and 1 star for Ricochet
Crowd Control -
Evasion- ** 1 star for ultimate, 1 star for Spell shield
Sustain- * 1 star for Spell Shield
Pushing - ***** 2 for BB, 2 for Ricochet, 1 for ultimate

Initiate- * 1 for her ultimate as it grants movement speed to all allies and minions.
Tower Initiate- * Ultimate grants aura for AS boost

Countering- * 1 for being able to kill opposing wraiths easily if in mid-lane

*Champion Specific Notes-
Sivir is unique in many factors as an AD carry. She has the highest nuke potential. Her pushing is unparalleled, and she is the only ranged AD that can sustain herself through clever usage of spell shield.
Her Pushing should be rated as 6 if possible since her Ulti would deserve an additional star as well, being that it boosts allied champions and minions in Move speed and attack speed.
Additionally, her AoE damage potential is very high for a ranged AD champion.
Her greatest downfall as a Ranged AD is her short auto attack range.

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