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Got out of extreme ELO hell in one day: how I did it (for players below 1200)

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So to whoever reads this, I was originally after 10 game seeding 962 elo. After winning streaks and other good stuff in one day (today), I was able to reach 1266 elo. To start off with, its not easy doing this, for there would be way too many bronze rated players amongst the LoL community.

First off to start, this is a team game, not a solo game. Since you are relatively low ELO if you are interested in my tips, you probably want to get a duo quene partener. If you can't find a good buddy during your ranked its probably because you looked wrong. Play your normal draft games a lot, build up the normal ELO and eventually you will find great parteners. From there you are already a great step closer.

Then let's talk character choices. You do not want to "always" willingly accept a role designated to you by your team (unless you know your buddy can play well in a specific role). You can almost GUARANTEE someone will not perform well at low ELO. Try to pick strong carries with CC. Such examples are Ashe, Kennen, Vayne, Annie, etc. You need to be able to carry very strong, almost 1v5. Have good placement within the game field, try to position yourself behind the tanks, and do not charge recklessly. This way, you'll be able to "stun****" enemies, or ace them in a "cluster****".

Ignorance kills. Don't suggest you are better than your designated ELO. Practice hard and be able to almost 1v5 people in that ELO. Most likely carries will concentrate purely on damage that game and less on survivability so its very easy to damage them. Focus on squishy carries and then after they are killed go for the remaining ones.

Know about the ping system (lol...) Signal your team back when you feel a gank is possible. Call MIAs. Signal Well (try to minimize false signals). Then remember this game is about towers not kills. Don't complain over KS or TS the win is all that matters. Push as a team not alone. Do not overextend randomly, for it will almost always result in a painful death. Wait for your entire team to catch up and ping for them (not excessively though).

Lastly, play smart. Do some math on your abilities and damage. Don't just charge into a fight blind planning everything. Also make sure you position your angle of attack as a carry in a good position. Do not feed. Keep your deaths to either 0 or an occasional 1 late game. Maximize critical moments in the game (late game teamfights) and do your best to win strategically through cc and damage and good team initiation and focus.

Again, these tips will seem very Nooby and Unreasonable to many players, but seriously, if one is in need of desperate ELO gains you could try following my path. I do not enforce or persuade you to use it, it is merely a suggestion of tips

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xXCFXx Avenger

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i have recently escaped the worst of ELO hell and i can tell u that all of these are very good intelligent tips.