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The Invasion of Piltover

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Chapter one:The Hook of the story
Piltover was calm and peaceful before it happened.
Heimdinger was puting the finishing touches on his latest invention. Corki was doing a joiy ride when he saw something on the horizoin"This is Major Tom to Ground Control we have some blackshoes on the horizoin"He said into the radio.
It was more than just blackshoes.Zaunites had invaded.
Chapter two:The true begining of the story
The invasion truely starts weeks before it actually happened.the city of Zaun sent Twitch into the sewers of Piltover to spy.He heard that Heimerdinger was working on something that would change the technolgy of Valoran forever as Heimerdinger put it.They began to plan to steal it.They thought of sending back Twitch to steal it but it would be too noticable if it just disappeared.They were going to invade Piltover.
In a room the officals of Zaun gathered and a small blue hairy yordle came in.He sat on the chair and asked"Why am I here"
Singed said"We know that you dislike Piltover,Rumble."
"Yea what about it?"Rumble said back.
"The city of Zaun is invading Piltover and we would like to propose an offer for you to join us."
Figuring that he wouldn't make a good offer he said"Ok make an offer."
Singed told him"If you join us in the invasion you can take any type of technology after we inspect it."
He perked up and said"If you asure me that I get to come in the back of the invasion and then i'm in."
Singed said"Of course but if you tell anyone about this I'll get my friend Viktor here to destory your robot then you." Viktor then shot a laser across the table and it split in half.
Rumble then ran off.
Persading Swain to help invade Piltover was easy. Singed had told him that his army would be unstopable if they had the technology that Heimerdinger had described.
The invasion was full scale but the didn't know what Twitch didn't hear.
Chapter three:What Twitch didnt hear
Heimerdinger was going to invite some Demacians to the reveling of his invention.He told them to arrive a day early so he could see who was there.Jarvan IV came with Garen,Vayne,Lux,Xin Zhao,Shyvanna,and countless other demacian citizens and warriors.
Vayne and Shyvanna were walking together."I don't trust you half dragon."said Vayne."I'm a Demacian just like you why do you not trust me?"Shyvanna replied.
"Your also a beast that could kill many of my kind."
"I could say the say the same thing about you."
Chapter four:Preperation
Everyone was preparing for the invasion.Swain had a countless amount of people and creature recruited for the invasion.Some like Talon and Katarina join because they were loyal to noxus.Others like Vladimir was in for personal reasons,in his case it was for the blood.
At Bandle City Rumble had things to do to make him unreconizable. He got some dark glass and made it into a shape that would fit around his cockpit.He knew that if he got caught he would be exiled,or even killed. He changes his flamethrower to a different design,the feet into blocks,the mace into a wrecking ball, and his eletictric harpoon into a throwing knife launcher. He was ready and was not planning on getting caught.
Chapter 5:Back to the Hook
Finnaly back to the actual invasion Corki report the unidenified people on the horizion.
Caitlyn used her sniper scope to try and identify them.She reconized Swain the instant she saw him.Before she could sound the alarm blood splatered on her face.
Vladimir was sent ahead of the main force to make sure the alarm wouldn't ne sounded before the main force got there.caitlyn tried use her 90 caliber net but Vladimir just sank down into a blood pool before it landed.Caitlyn just rammed herself into a wall.Vladimir then arose from the pool and tied Caitlyn up.He then took her rifle and opened a window to
try and take down any scouts in the sky.
Corki hadn't heard anything back from Caitlyn or the alarm so he tried to change stations to tell someone else.Right when Corki was changing stations he heard a noise and one of his engines had gone out.He saw that the engine had been shot.
He grabed the emergancy parachute and jumped out of his copter.He knew that the unidentified people were hostile.He landed safely on the ground after his Copter reached the ground and exploded.Luckly for Corki he had landed right next to Piltover Customs.
Ezreal was out for a walk outside of Piltover when he saw the main invasion sqaud.
When he did he ran as fast as he could to Piltover to warn everyone.He went Caitlyn first since she was the head law enforcer.When he got there he teleported into the offiice because he didnt have time for doors.He saw Vladimir with Caitlyn's rifle and Caitlyn tied up.Ezreal took a chair and knocked Vladimir out.He untied Caitlyn,handed her rifle to her,
and tied up Vladimir."Sound the alarm."said Ezreal.
Swain heard the alarm go off."I trusted Vladimir to do the job,this clearly was a job for Dr. Mundo!"he cried. With nothing to loose now,he went on a full on charge.
Corki now got a new copter and started to fly off,he went down to Heimerdinger who was waving his arms at Corki."Operation Desparte Defence is a go"said Heimerdinger.
Heimerdinger then attached a evolution turrent to Corkis Copter and he flew off.
Chapter six:The true battle
Now every person in Piltover that owns something that can be used as a weapon is in battle.Rumble is now walking around the battle feild so he can get into Piltover to steal technology.
Vayne and Shyvanna are fighting meters away from each other.Vayne is getting surrounded by warriors and Shyvanna is fighting with ease.One Warrior jumps over Vayne ready to kill her and Shyvanna turns into a dragon and swoops over her and takes out the warrior who is about to kill her and everyone surrounding her."Not bad for a half dragon."said Vayne.
Soon the noxians and zaunites start to flee when they see Shyvanna in dragon form.
Viktor shoots shyvanna with a laser and she falls to the ground,Vayne shoots Viktor in the mechanical hand and he flees.
"Shyvanna are you alright?"Vayne ask.Shyvanna laughs and says"I was faking it."
Corki then flies over and shoots some pf the fleeing soldiers."And dont come back!"shouts Corki.
Chapter seven:The Final Chapter
Rumble was in Heimerdingers lab stealing technolgy that he might find useful.
In the middle of his stealing Heimerdinger walks in"What are you doing!?!"shouted Heimerdinger.Without thinking Rumble hits Heimerdinger with his wrecking ball.When he does he hits and destroys Heimerdingers lates weapon. A eletrical flow goes through Rumble's robot when he does.That flow gave him the ability to never over heat.He ran back to Bandle city then reasmbles his robot to its original state.
The next day Heimerdinger can't rember who knocked him out and what his invention was.
So in the end the invention that started the invasion was destroyed,Shyvanna and Vayne now are friends,and rumble can't over heat any more.
The end