Game Bug Out, But Only While Playing Online

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Hey there, guys. Got a bit of a problem.

When playing offline practice games, League of Legends works perfectly fine for me. Unfortunately, every time I try to join a game online, I get the following problems:

At the loading screen, the loading percentages are NEGATIVE, and go up to the thousands/tens of thousands/etc.

Once the game IS loaded, I get a variety of bugs. Everything is shaded in fog of war, my character and other characters jump around on the screen and the map, things like the minion mages attacking causes a "stream" of the attacks to appear (Same damage, but it looks like a constant stream) and just a number of other graphical and lag-esque related bugs that makes it impossible to play. I've already got a Leaver Level 1 status because I keep trying to fix it, but the only way I can test if it worked is by joining another online game which I end up having to leave because it's still broken.

I've allowed LoL through my firewall, done a completely clean install, everything. But this is still happening. It started out of nowhere, too. I played one game, then went to play another, and this started happening, completely out of the blue. The Pastebin for my DxDIAG.