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i had problems when i was in champ select everything slowed down to the point of it almost freezing but i still saw ppl changing slowly picking there champs and summoners so i decided to stay and see what happens 10 mins later i finally get into the loading screen i realize nobody else is loading, therefore they must have been in the game i get into game and low and behold im 10 mins into game and im getting blamed for this **** might get banned aswell cause all the reports.

also there was some pop up saying i could send a report in for this problem and it showed up 3 times

also also this was in a ranked game so will i get a loss forgiven along with my team

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It might be a server issue, retrace your steps and see if the issue persists. (Not recommended: could get you another disconnection if the problem continues.)

By the way, you won't get banned for only leaving/disconnecting once, has to be 3 times! So your safe there, and none of the reds are here cause there on holidays.