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The Void Locket

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This is my first fanfic so don't hate >__<
Please inform me of lore issues or any confusing parts
Read and enjoy~

Ezreal was unused to the big halls of the Institute of War. He preferred the musty corridors of ruins unknown. Despite that, he was on the mission, and his first goal was to get to the Great Library. As he passed through the magnificent columns that surrounded the library entrance, Ezreal saw Ryze and quickly strode over to him. Ryze was looking over a book that was floating in mid-air at the front counter of the Great Library. He read a couple of lines, referred to the great scroll he normally kept on his back, which was now sprawled out in front of him, then flipped a page of the book. Ezreal stood in front of Ryze for a few anxious seconds before saying anything.
“Hey Ryze, have you seen Lux recently?” Ezreal asked. He was tapping his foot pretty fast while waiting for Ryze’s reply.
“Hmmm… I think I saw her earlier. She was headed for the geographical section in the South Wing.” Ryze replied slowly. He flipped over another page of the book.
“Great thanks.” Ezreal was about to leave, but Ryze locked him up with a fast Rune Prison.
“Don’t mess up this time; I don’t want any more holes burned into my collection.” Ryze said with a smirk.
“Ah… It’s hard to remember birthdays while you’re digging through the mysteries of Runeterra.” Ezreal said quickly as he remembered the pain of Lux’s Finales Funkeln.
Ezreal hastily moved over to Lux’s table. He didn’t want to spend more time in a conversation with Ryze because it normally ends up turning into a lecture about the arcane arts, the proper way to channel your magical energies, the effectiveness of stacking mana crystals… Ezreal shook his head. He was losing focus. After taking some BBQ chips from the bag Lux had left out near some of the books, he leaned over her shoulder and saw a map of Runeterra. Rather than showing the political borders of Demacia and Noxus that normally showed up on maps, this map displayed a topographical layout of the entire continent.
“So did you find anything about the artifact Veigar stumbled upon?” Ezreal went right to business, his mouth filled with artificially flavored goodness.
The Artifact he was talking about was a cube that elongated and shifted about when magical energies were applied to it. Various shapes floated around the top end, such as crescents, pyramids, and pentagrams, rather than about the center. Apparently Veigar had discovered the intricate object in an antique shop in Bilgewater. Ezreal would never understand why that annoying little yordle even goes outside the Institute of War. Everywhere he goes, he ends up picking fights with anyone he sees. Either way, that annoying little yordle helped him by giving him something interesting.
“It has virtually no uses. Honestly it’s just a piece of ****. However, the side carvings seem to originate from the Shurima Desert.” Lux answered quickly and factually, exactly like a Demacian would. Ezreal leaned over and grabbed more chips and took a sip from her lemonade. Lux didn’t mind much because she had a crush on him, but the airhead himself would never notice.
“Shurima Desert ehh? It’s been awhile since I’ve been there, but it was really boring. It has too much sand and not enough relics for my taste. Maybe we should ask Amumu, he may know something about it.”
“If you want to. I’m going to head off for lunch if you don’t need anything else. You interested in coming?” Lux was hoping he would go with her, but she knew that he had adventure on his mind.
“Mmm yeah. I’ll see you later then.” Ezreal was already heading out the door to the Living Quarters, not looking back.

Part 2 will be up soonish, depends on how it is received

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Jk its k