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This is why trynd is op (try and prove me wrong)

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didnt ask

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(try and prove me wrong) Challenge accepted and to make it more fun I will do this with only using your "facts" you stated

I do not think your opinion will change but you do realize 67% of ur gold is only 22.3333% of your teams gold and countering the carry = 100% chance to win

With exhaust + ignite thing again your saying using ur skills to counter 1/3 of the team but do you realize you are 1/3 of ur team also?


Do not even get me started about the total gold earned or anything or how alone just ninja tabi + thornmail = dead tryndamre.

Bahaha, was playing a game earlier, I was trynd vs Trynd, i bought tabi and thornmail and killed him repeatedly even though he was fed and I wasn't

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i dont know why, but all the trynds i play with/against dont do that great, even with his good looking kit