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(Quick Write) Shen - The Turret Troll

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Silver Trinity



Just a reason I wrote this on the spot before going to sleep: As a Summoner who plays as Shen very frequently, I tend to troll people under an allied turret and I decided to make a short story out of a situation where I was playing Shen and, well, ruining two people's days by murdering their characters under the turret... Well, that and except I put a bit of Ionian aspect that resulted in a story :P

And of course I'd be delighted to take suggestions if you want me to keep going as there are chances(of 20%) that I'll keep going.

Shen stands next to the towering turret as Nasus and Sion charged with the Minion wave. The feeling of confidence scorches in his heart as he knows that they will never survive against a Shadow Warrior of the Kinkou Order. Not under the mighty glare of the turret anyway.

The turret focuses on the first minion uninterrupted like the sun gleams unobstructed with its light. It releases a ball of fire that travels not faster than the speed of light, rather fast so that it can be seen.

The minion dies from the blast.

Shen still stands, seeing Sion charge with his axe as if he was ready to murder him under the turret.

Sion slashes Shen with his axe.

Shen Shadow Dashes through Sion, making him almost harmless, but continuing to swing his axe.

Sion cuts Shen's arm, almost making two smaller biceps out of one, but not enough to make it dysfunctional.

Shen feels the overwhelming pain but he must stay and protect the turret at all costs as it is the only one left closest to the other side of the river.

The turret sees the call for help. It focuses fire on Sion as Sion still attacked Shen with his axe.

Nasus stands helpless behind the wave.

Sion glares at Nasus, informing Shen that him and his summoner are frustrated.

Nasus' weapon glows green like the forests under the sun. It looks like it is ready to strike Shen down with one blow.

Sion gets blinded from the turret's sun-like glow.

Shen thinks. He is unworthy, he must die... again.

Shen does not want to end Sion's life, but he is the most powerful Noxian a Demacian can fight against. Shen remembers a time where Sion took on half an army of Demacians
...and made them look like children running towards a seemingly harmless toy rigged with a time bomb of Zilean's.

Shen swiftly pulls out his Ninjatōs from their sheaths. There is almost no telling that he pulled it out of their sheaths due to his speed as a Ninja.

Sion randomly swings his axe horizontally, hoping to sacrifice himself once more for Noxus with his axe.

Shen Shadow Dashes away, dodging the attack.

Nasus tries to destroy the turret out of Shen's sight, from behind it. His Summoner, however, is now being frowned upon by Sion's Summoner for being an almost unhelpful coward.

Sion sits on his knee like an old woman praying for mercy.

Shen knows that as an Ionian who must keep balance he must not kill Sion painfully, rather he must keep mercy into his mind therefore he must kill Sion without torture.

He cuts Sion's head off with a quick scissor-like motion with his swords.

Sion's neck pours blood like a fountain, turning the once-green grass and soil into a puddle of red undead.

He does not know that Nasus is destroying the turret slowly.

The turret focuses back on the minions who are slowly destroying it.

Shen hears strikes stronger than that of the minions coming from behind the turret. He finally gets the idea of the possibility of Nasus being there. But what is stopping him? Is it because that Nasus has no history of disturbing the balance of the world? Is it because he is weak? Or is it because he is innocent? He keeps his blood-soaked swords in his hand just in case.

He hears other Summoners speak in his mind. This one is an allied Summoner.

"Take care, they're coming for you." she says "The turret is near to its disabled state. Finish Nasus now or we'll just drown our chances in a trench full of our own blood, yours and ours."

Shen decides that he must not directly kill Nasus as Nasus himself has not done anything wrong to the balance of Runeterra. He decides to use Shadow Dash once more like he did on Sion. Only this time he'll simply let the turret do it's job.

Nasus' weapon glows once again, this time he is ready to kill Shen under the turret's mighty glare.

Nasus uses his Siphoning Strike on Shen, aiming for his bleeding bicep.

Shen loses an incredible amount of blood, enough to satisfy the hunger of the Crimson Reaper for an hour.

He feels cold and numb on his right arm. He drops his sword from his right arm but still has control of his left arm and the sword it is wielding.

He parries the next attack aimed for his bicep, which has resumed bleeding.

He moves in to his Feint, his defensive stance.

The turret once again sees the call for help. It attacks Nasus as Shen Shadow Dashes away, into the middle of the Minion wave, which is now focusing on him. His Feint is protecting him from the strikes of the League Constructs.

Shen watches as Nasus walks toward him, staring at the blood flowing warmly from his bicep. Staring at it and, not being able to wait to consume it, he charges stupidly, not knowing that Shen is ready to Dash for the last time.

Nasus swings his weapon, holding it with both of his hands on one end, towards Shen's head, which will give more warm blood if stricken successfully.

Shen dashes through the swing, dodging it and somewhat moving through Nasus himself.

The turret chars Nasus with one last blow, turning what used to be the Curator of Sands into ashes that scatters all around, including his weapon.

Shen walks back to the Summoner Platform to heal his wounds.

Akali, his fellow Ninja, finally arrives, who was actually being controlled by the more-experienced Summoner who has given him the order to finish Nasus. Akali stands next to the turret.

But she cannot do what Shen has done to Nasus and Sion. She cannot fulfil the duty of a Tank like Shen for that she is an assassin.