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Winning the Heart of a Tempest (TeemoXKennen)

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I know you're not talking to me, but it was really good. Make your own thread and start the story, I say.

Start the story you say, but what do you mean? As I said I'm new to the genre, and it seems I had a good shot with this poisonous story, but I'm not getting ideas like this every day, I totally don't know how I would continue this. Besides, it was meant to be a one-shot only, so you would want me to start continuing it or keep writing one-shots?

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Start the story you say, but what do you mean? As I said I'm new to the genre, and it seems I had a good shot with this poisonous story, but I'm not getting ideas like this every day, I totally don't know how I would continue this. Besides, it was meant to be a one-shot only, so you would want me to start continuing it or keep writing one-shots?

Keep writing one shots in a big thread of your own, write a continuous story, I'm fine with either. I just need my fill of Kennen/Teemo lovin'.

And as for your concern about ideas, you don't have to update every day! Just whenever you feel like (and have the time to) sit down and write out a masterpiece!

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Btw did you like the piece, aside from noticing that it's out of the master's timeline? I'm curious.

it was to die for :3

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it was to die for :3

Thanks, I'm really glad you liked it.

And for Frillz:
Right now I don't really have either ideas or time to write more, so I think I'll just wait for PieLover to return, maybe his next chapter will come soon too. If not, then I'll start thinking about possible new storylines.

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Okay, you are goign to have to trust me on this, but this IS PieLover314
I did a name change but i could of sworn that it used my Account name on here and not my Summoner name.

I failed there, but this is me and you will have to trust me.

Dear Mr. Xwlr (what does your name mean?)

Just... i loved it. It was great, and all sorts of cute and cuddly.
And really, i will get off my lazy bum and finish the next chapter. Even my BF keeps telling me too, ha ha. So i guess i should.

Expect something by tomorrow night, i Promise!
And if you don't, send me a friend request and keep bugging me until i do.

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Hey, it's glad to have you back. I'm really curious what's going to happen in the 'original' story.

And it's really great that you liked my story, because to be honest, as a male, I didn't believe I could ever write a succesful romantic short...

Altough by no means am I a mister, just your usual little boy playing LoL.

And what does xwlr means? Who knows, for I can't remember where did I pick up this letter combination, but I use it in many places for years by now, regardless of it's history being lost in the fog of past. But one thing is sure, all the letters are small, non-capitals. That's intentional. xD

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I need Moar What happens?! I so want to read more!

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I need Moar What happens?! I so want to read more!

Isn't if obvious what happens? They fall in love and live happily ever after. The end!

Bye everyone, thanks for reading!

...I am joking by the way, lol.

Edit: Hit a brick wall. Sorry but might be another night!

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Finally a date for Kennen and Teemo, took them long enough.

The sun was slowly descending on Bandle city as we made our way back to my apartment. I still needed to change into something more formal before going out on our date, mostly because Kennen had dressed up a bit. I wasn't able to notice it earlier, due to the fact that his parents were trying to embarrass me to death, but he looked stunning. I don't know how he got dressed so fast, but **** did he look good.

“Teemo?” He asked, noticing that we had stopped moving, “Are you staring at me?”

“Oh, um...” I blushed and looked away. I kept walking, hearing him giggle just a bit.

'Smooth, first you comment about his ass and now you keep staring at him.' The voice inside of my head said.

'Hey now, you are the one who said his ass looked cute. I only thought it.'

'Yeah, I was speaking the truth. You can't blame me for that.' Me and the voice argued a bit more in my mind as we made our way down the streets, heading back to my apartment. Kennen would make a comment every now and then, I would simply nod or agree. I would of contributed more, but there was so much on my mind at that moment. The date, what I would wear, the stupid voice arguing with me; It was a lot to deal with all at once.

“Teemo, is something wrong,” He grabbed my hand, stopping me mid thought and step, “You have been silent this whole time.” I looked up at him, looking at those beautiful eyes and caring look on his face. “Did my father scare you?” He asked.

“No, just a bit nervous about our date.” I told him, told those big and beautiful eyes. He still looked a bit worried, but simply nodded and started walking again. His hand was still holding mine as we walked, I was leaning on him just a bit.

'This is nice. Just us two walking down the street, my head laying on his furry, soft shoulder.'

“Teemo.” He called my name.

“Yes?” I looked up at him, we had stopped moving again.

“We are here.” He pointed up at my apartment complex. I soon found myself being pulled into the building and up to my room.


Kennen was waiting out in my living room as I jumped into the shower. I was surprised that my rough night of sleep didn't show too much after I went and talked to Rumble. Although, I was curious as to what Tristana talked to Kennen about.

'They were probably making fun of you, I know that is what I like to do.'

'I know you like to do that, but my actual friends don't do that. Look, I am not going to start this right now with you...' And with that, I finished getting dressed and walked out into the main room.

“Oh Teemo,” I heard Kennen say, “You look so cute all dressed up like that.” I blushed and looked at my attire in the mirror one more time. It was just a simple suit, black dress pants with a nice white shirt to wear along with it. My jacket that matched was hanging up by the door, along with my fancy scout's hat.

“It isn't that cute, is it?” I asked him, walking back out to the room where Kennen was.

“I think it is just adorable.” He gave me a quick kiss, weakening my knees just enough so I wouldn't fall down. My face blushed heavily and I just stared at him for a few seconds.

“Y-yeah, well... You dressed pretty nice yourself.” I told him.

He had on a pair of cream colored shorts; matched with a nice, warmly red colored tee-shirt. “Okay, maybe I am overdoing it just a bit...” I said after looking at what we were both wearing.

“Hmm... Just a little bit. Do you have a pair of scouting short? They could go with that shirt, just don't wear the coat and it would work out well.”

“That could work, give me a second.” I went off to find a pair of my nicest scouting shorts, putting them on and presenting myself back to my date. “How do I look now?”

“Better, now I won't feel under dressed” He laughed a bit, I giggled and walked towards the door. “So, where are we going for our date?” He asked, grabbing my hand as we left my apartment.

“Well, it is a nice little place called 'The Mothership'.” I told him, his warm hand still holding mine.

“Oh yeah? That is a weird name for a restaurant.”

“For a restaurant, yes. But they just named it after the Scouts of the Mothership,” I told him, “They show their support that way with what we do.”

“Oh yeah, forgot you worked for the Bandle City's Special Forces.” He told me, “In fact, I forget that most of the other champions have jobs outside of the league a lot of the time.”

“Yeah, it does take up a bunch of our free time. But I enjoy it, I enjoy it a lot.” I lean into him as we exit the building.

“Oh yeah? Why is that?”

“Because I got to meet just a charming yordle like yourself.” And with that, I gave him a quick kiss as we headed off towards the restaurant.


The Mothership restaurant had been around for a few years now, but only recently it's popularity spiked. The nights, before our mission, we would go there and eat, enjoying the simple and quiet atmosphere of it all. We would even joke about the name of it, The Mothership, saying something like, 'Never underestimate their food'.

Soon after the League was formed, and I joined, their popularity had increased tenfold. People all across from Runeterra would go there to eat, and since then their food has gotten even better. Although, due to this fact, reservations would normally be in order to sit down and eat. Although, when we showed up, the place was surprisingly quiet.

“C-c-captain Teemo?!” The nervous, and clearly a huge fan, hostess yordle shouted in surprise as I walked through the front door.

“That is me.” I told her, taking off my hat and holding the door open for my date.

“Wow...” I saw Kennen's eyes go wide, much like a young yordles when the first meet a human. He looked around, the restaurant had gotten a lot nicer from what I remembered.

“Table for two, Captain Teemo?” She asked, it was clear she was very nervous about having such a well known yordle like me in her presence. She stumbled over herself, and the menus, as she started to take us to our table, “R-right this way.”

As she lead us to our table, she was running her mouth about how much of a fan she is of mine. I zoned her out as I grabbed Kennen's hand and lead him along, his eyes were still looking around at the atmosphere of the whole place.

“This is amazing...” He muttered as we got closer to our table.

“Have you never been in a restaurant this nice?” I asked him, slowly guiding him to our seats. The hostess was too busy talking about how much of a fan she was to notice our conversation.

“No, like I told you yesterday. I have basically been in school since I was younger.” Kennen told me.

“Oh yeah, forgot.” I wasn't really sure how to respond, but the hostess yordle finally got us to our table, setting the menus down. I held out a chair for Kennen, which he gladly accepted and sat in.

“Table for two,” She said as we took our seats, “Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Why thank you Teemo.” Kennen said as he took a seat, He gave my had a quick kiss before looking at the menu. My face blushed as I looked up at the hostess, but she was too busy writing something down on the notepad she had.

“Give us a minute to order, okay?” I told her, taking my seat. She smiled and nodded before running off. She was probably going to go tell someone that I was here, which wouldn't end in a quiet night for him and Kennen.

“Oh my, this all look good,” I heard Kennen say from the other side of his menu, “I have no idea what to order.”

“Well, I know what I am ordering.” I kept my menu folded on the table, staring at the cute yordle across from the table. My hand reached out and grabbed one of his, he looked up and smiled.

“So, how was your day?” He put the menu down and just let our hands hold each other.

“Well, Tristana wanted me to go and talk to Rumble for her.”

“I bet that was an interesting conversation.” He giggled a bit.

“Oh yeah, he is quite clueless a lot of the time.” I responded, giggling a bit myself.

“So, what did she want you to talk to him about?” I told him what happened. How Rumble and Heimerdinger yelled at each other, how Rumble thought knew how to 'deal with the ladies', and then the small conversation that happened afterward.

“Oh, so they are going on a date tonight too?” He asked, letting go to look at the menu one more time.

“I would guess so.” And with that, the same hostess came over, that pad of paper still in her hand.

“Have you decided what you will be getting tonight?” She cheerfully asked. We gave her our orders and she hurried off. She quickly came back with our drinks, water for me and some tea for Kennen. She quickly ran back off, almost running into a waitress carrying some food.

“She seems to be in a hurry. Also, isn't she the hostess?” He asked, looking over at the few other yordles standing at the entrance way, wondering where the hostess was. Kennen said, holding his hands back out for me to grab.

“Yeah, just a little bit. I bet it is because of me, almost everyone in Bandle city knows me really well.” I told him, grabbing his waiting hands once more.

“They know me too,” He joked, “I just normally wear a mask.”

“Yeah.” I agreed.

We sat in silence for a few moments, just staring at each other and holding hands. I leaned in to give him a kiss and he met me halfway. It was the first time I had ever been on a date, but the kiss showed it was going in the right direction. Plus he had really soft and warm lips, they tasted so sweet. The kiss only lasted a few seconds before Kennen turned around and noticed a couple at the other table were staring at us.

“Yes, can we help you?” He teased, the quickly went back to their dinner. They wouldn't interrupt them again. He turned back too me, “Sorry, I thought I noticed someone staring at us.”

“So?” I teased, giving him one last kiss before taking a drink of my water.

“I guess I shouldn't worry about others.” He took a sip of his tea.

We continued to talk for a few more minutes before our dinner arrived.

“And there we go.” The hostess yordle told us.

“Oh, why thank you...” I suddenly realized that I still did not know her name, but she must of noticed this.

“Kara. My name is Kara.” He answered my confused look.

“Kara. Thank you Kara.”

“Yes, thank you.” Kennen said, taking a sip from his tea and he eyed his food.

“You are very, very, very welcome Captain.” She gave a quick bow and left the table, still scribbling on that notepad.

“What is she writing down?” I ask aloud, watching her walk away and scribble on her notepad.

“Probably our bill. You know food isn't free.” He joked, taking a bite of his dinner.

“Oh, yeah of course.” I took a bit, savoring the taste of my delicious meal. “So... What did you and Tristana talk about?”

It had been on my mind since I sent her to go and talk to him. I hope that is was at least serious, not just a bunch of random nonsense.

“Oh yeah, completely forgot.” He finished chewing what was in his mouth before continuing. “Well, I don't really know much about her, so we talked about her for a bit. Then she wanted to get to know me a bit more. We basically just caught up for a bit.”

“Oh...” I should of expected much from Tristana, then again I didn't really have anything she needed to talk to him about.

“Then we talked about, relationships.” He said nonchalant . “She wanted some advice to help get Rumble, but I didn’t really have much to say, you being my first.”

“Oh? Tristana doesn't really ask for help that often.” I was surprised she had asked him.

“Well, she told me to keep quiet about it. So don't tell anyone, okay?” I nodded, “Then I asked about you. I don't really know much about you, so we talked about you. Learned some interesting things...” He let that sentence end like that, letting it drag out. I set my fork down and looked over at him.

“What did she tell you about?” I looked around, as if I had to make sure no one was listening. That couple was still keeping to themselves and Kara was looking at him, before quickly turning away.

“Let's talk about this after dinner, okay?” And he went back to eating dinner. I kept my eyes locked on him for a few second before I continued eating my dinner. “Sorry, I didn't mean to drop the mood like that.” He said, a frown on his face.

“Listen, I am with you. So, like, my mood cant be bad.”

'That was so cheesy.'

“Oh Teemo,” He blushed a bit, “That was so cheesy.” He playfully swatted at me.

'Ha! I wasn't the only one to think that.'

“Oh, yeah. It kinda was.” I looked down at my food, swirling it on my plate a bit. “But I do mean it Kennen, you mean a-”

“Here you go!” The voice struck me like a Cho'Gath feast when I was just about dead. I looked over to see Kara standing next to our table, interrupting me mid sentence. I looked to see that piece of paper she had been writing on the entire time, I grabbed it and nodded before she ran back off to who knows where.

“That almost made me jump.” I said, taking a look down at the, what should have been bill, before looking back at Kennen with a confused look.

“What is it?” He asked, reaching for the piece of paper. He grabbed it and quickly looked it over before he started laughing hysterically

“Kennen, calm down.” I wanted to shout at him, but I feel that would of only made the situation worse. I looked back down and saw the orders on it, the amounts and what they added up to. But under it all, were a few hearts that said 'T + K' on it. “Do you think she remembers that it is on it?”

“I don't know,” He said between laughs, “But I think you should look on the back too.”

He must of noticed something that I hadn’t, because when I flipped it over I had found a note from her.

Dear Captain Teemo,

Would you like to go
out on a date with me?
I think you are just the
cutest and smartest yordle
next to Heimerdinger.

Sincerely yours,
<3 Kara

My face lit up a deep red, Kennen kept on laughing at the whole situation.

“So, my cute and smart yordle. How are you going to handle this situation?” Kennen asked as he finished his dinner.

“Well, um..” I had lost my appetite, my mind thinking of a nice way to put her down. She seemed like a sweet girl, but Kennen was all I needed for now. “Are you finished?”

“Yeah,” He took one last sip of his tea, “All done.”

“Okay then, let's go.” I got up from the table and headed for the hostess' podium. Kennen was following me closely, eager to find out how I was going to handle this situation. I had that all planned out.

Kara only smiled as I reached the podium, I could see her hands shaking as she waited for me to talk. I reached in to my money pouch and paid for our dinner. She smiled and took the money, quickly shoving it into some box that was hidden behind her podium.

“Kara.” I said.

“Yes?” She leaned forward, eager to hear what I was going to say next.

“I, um, found you note. On my receipt.” I told her and she blushed a deep red.

“A-a-and...” She looked like she was about to faint, the poor thing.

I didn't say anything else. I simply turned around, grabbed Kennen by the arms and pulled him into our deepest kiss yet.

Oh Cliffhangers, also the chapter was hitting my usual length. Don't worry, lots to do next chapter.

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Okay, a little authors note to add here.

Sorry for my prolonged absence, I should start having 'regular' updates soon. Let me know what you think about this chapter please!

Also, if any of you can draw, make a quick sketch of what Teemo and Kennen look like all dressed up. I have no drawing ability at all, or I would do it myself.

Edit: I do have small plans to add other yordles just to let you all know.