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Winning the Heart of a Tempest (TeemoXKennen)

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Don't be sorry Justin =]

we'll be fine d(^_^)b sure I'll miss the adorable yordle love, but it'll be fine. Hope for the best, and sorry to hear how League's players have gotten that much worse.

I'm just glad you left the letter. Rest assured I'm not going to get mad at a writer for taking time to write; I'm one too. That stuff doesn't happen over night. Best of luck to you, man.

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I'll miss this series. :/
But I'm glad you even took the time to bother writing it in the first place. I enjoyed reading each chapter, wait patiently for the next to come out... it really was fun to read. And no, I don't hate you for leaving. :L
I understand completely the importance of having to focus on school. It's sad, yes, but understandable. I just hope you never forget what you've done here. Writing makes a great way to pass the time when you're not doing something in the future, so never forget your talent!

I for one will be re-reading each chapter now, in order from start to finish like it should be read. Good luck with your future Justin! And don't ever give up!

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A local fair had come to Bandle City, causing happiness and joy to the city. All of the yordles were over at it currently, enjoying the rare and exotic food. Some were there to be with friends and family, but there was one yordle who wasn't having any fun at all.

A lonely yordle, he looked young but he was just a little short. He looked up at the fair from where he was sitting on the ground, some of his hair falling in front of his face. His light brown fur was moved away by his equally colored hand as he gazed around at all of the others having fun. There was a younger couple that walked past him, holding hands and sharing some kind of food; he couldn't tell. Sighing and looking back at the ground, the short yordle just kept being sad. The sounds of excitement and joy filled the air but did not affect him at all.

A group of older yordles were walking around the fair, it was not often when they got a break away from school so they were enjoying it. There were rides, some kind of magic show, even food that they had never seen before. It was going to be a fun filled time for the group, except for one. He was having fun, but he could have been having a better time. A small part of him felt a little guilty, leaving his younger friend to hang out with his older ones.

He tripped over something and fell to the ground, barely catching himself with his hands. His friends helped him up and he tried his best to get the dirt out of his black fur. His friends kept on walking as he stood there and before he knew it, he had lost them in the huge crowd. He sighed in defeat and walked over to the nearby tree, hopeful that climbing it would let him find them. Although, as he got closer, he recognized someone he knew next to the tree. His light brown fur on his head was all he could see, hiding his head in his arms and knees up to his chest. Was it the young friend?

He forgot about his friends and took a quietly took a seat next to the younger one, stealing glances at him every now and then. After a few minutes, the older yordle started talking. He talked about how the fair was a great place to have fun. About how it was a break away from school. And how it was fun to go on the rides and play the carnival games. But then he talked about how it wasn't fun, unless you were with friends.

While the older yordle was talking, the younger one just listened. At first, he almost jumped when the older one started talking, unaware that anyone was next to him. And as he kept on talking, all of that fear, all of that sadness slowly left him. The older one looked over and him and gave him a friendly smile, causing the younger one to blush a bit.

The older yordle got up and reached his hand out for the younger one, he was hesitant at first but slowly accepted it. And with that, they set out to have fun at the fair.

At first, they simply just walked in silence and didn't go on any rides. The younger one was still not sure what to do or say, having his friend that had abandoned him back in his life. But slowly he opened up and was more of himself. They rode on rides, played some of the games, ate some of the exotic food, and even talked a bit. They had mostly stayed in silence, none of them sure what to say to the other, but as the night slowly started coming to a close they only had time for one more ride.

The younger one was now pulling the older one around the park, trying to find that one ride that would be great to end the night on, and there it was. The ferris wheel was what caught his eye. He looked back to the older one and pointed at it, running off ahead to get in line for it. The older yordle just chuckled to himself and followed after his friend.

They were last in line before they stopped accepting more people, and it only took a minute for them to fill up all of the baskets. They got in and sat across from each other, and slowly the wheel started to turn. The younger yordle got up from his seat and looked across the land as they got higher and higher, looking off into the distance and getting lost in thought. Meanwhile, the older one just watched his friend, smiling to himself at the cute, little yordle in front of him.

When they got to the very top, the ride stopped, they heard yelling from down below; getting both of their attentions. It seemed like the ride had gotten stuck when they were at the top. The younger yordle looked at the older one, there was a little concern on his face. The older one looked and saw something... something beautiful. The sun was just setting behind the younger one, giving him this golden glow off of his fur. He felt his heart skip a beat as he kept staring; the younger one blushed and looked around, wondering what the older one was staring at.

Slowly the older one grabbed the younger one's hands and pulled him closer and closer. Their faces were now inches apart and their harts were racing. Neither of them knew that the day would end like this, but as they kissed for the first time; the sun setting in the background and the ride kicking back to a start. They did know one thing.

They were both glad it did.


Not sure where this came from, I just sat down and started typing.
This isn't suppose to be Teemo/Kennen, but you can think that way if you want.

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Ancient Pire

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scared for life

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Ancient Pire:
scared for life

Not sure what to say... Or think for that matter.

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In Ohio at a Brony Convention with friends.
It is 3am and I can't sleep.

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Hi there, long time no see. Come on in, sit down, and take a load off. We haven't had time to chat for a while, me being busy with school and all.

I wanna just say that I felt bad for just up and leaving like that all of a sudden, it's something I don't normally do. And sorry for that 'fake' update, got a couple of messages (mostly on FF.net), I guess people don't like it when I write something from the heart...

Anyway, not to get off subject, but I am here to show you guys some of my other LoL work that I have done. I know what you are thinking, "You mean you write more then just cute yordle lovin'?'.

Yes! I do! And now you are probably wondering how I can have such a vast amount of writing skills in this tiny brain, but I don't have an answer for you. Maybe I am just that good. Yes though, I am here to basically toot my own horn, in a sense.

I wrote a few crack fix, but they are lost in the pages of that thread. I also posted them on FF.net a while ago, to make it easier to find. See, I am smart!

Now, I know what you are thinking (Yes, I know what you are always thinking and will bring it up whenever I am able too. Only because it sounds funny and that is my goal of this update.) By now you forgot how that sentence even began, so go back and read it really quick, I will wait.

(Waits patiently) Good, let's continue it.

"Why are you even posting this on here?" Well, I have actually gotten some recent reviews for my other work and I felt like sharing it with anyone who hasn't read it. Just to give some of my hundreds and thousands of fans something to read. (I might be underestimating the number of fans that I have, I don't want to seem too popular.) None of these pairings are actually romance, just friendship and comfort.

My first story that I want to share is one that is probably the weirdest I have seen, and written. It is a Poppy and Trundle story, and I had issues with it soon after posting it from people. I was unaware that Trundle had a League Judgment when I wrote this story, so Trundle is actually out of character. I think I remember going back and fixing it a little bit, but he is just a little bit. You won't notice unless you look for it though, plus there is some comedy value in this story. Poppy might also be just a bit ooc, but like I had said, it was a weird pairing and some sacrifices had to be made. Preferably ones that didn't involve blood rituals. It isn't that long, so go and take a quick look at it, review if you want, but it gives you something to read while I distract you.


The next story is, personally, my favorite that I have written. It just makes my eyes water a bit every time I read it. Now, I know what you are thinking, again, “But Justin, any story with Riven always has angst and sadness in it.” And you would be right! Except for two things. First, Amumu is in it, so he makes you forget about Riven's sadness and angst because he has so much; plus he is a cute and adorable yordle. Second, I wrote this (from my memory) before Riven was as popular as she is now in the fandom. I am not trying to claim or say anything special when I mention this. P.S. I know there are a few grammar and word errors, but I am a bit lazy to go back and fix it.


So, my last story is something I wrote up one morning but I haven't continued it yet. I will when I end “Winning the Heart of a Tempest”. (Yes it will have an end, just to the story part but I will still do one-shots) I don't have much written for it yet, but It will be about 5 or 6 chapters long. I don't want to spoil too much of it, so here is the link and if you have time just take a quick second to read through it.


So, this is wrapping up with less comedy then it had started with, but don't you worry! Just a quick question, for my many fans that read this, are any of you bronies? Now, don't start filling the thread with posts about if you are or not, or even asking what it is. Just PM me on FF.net, I'm just curious how big the fandom it.

Me, personally, I'm not a brony. I want to a con with a few friends, had fun playing PS3 games Plus I had never been to a convention before, so it was something I have always wanted to do. Anyways, I am signing off for now. Hope you enjoy some of my lesser known work.

Now, I know this would be a disappointing update if I didn't talk about my plans for my story here. I am still caught up with keeping on top of my schooling, but I will try my best to get something out after tests next week. Thank you for understanding.

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Hey there readers, an update that is actually story! (For those reading on the forums) And I apologize for posting there just for you to find out that it was just me rambling on about nonsense one night. This chapter was interesting to write at first, because it was just going to be a one-shot during the scene with Lulu. But I felt that what happened was needed for a few things, so it is now canon to my non-canon. So, here we go with How to 'Date' Part 2.


Shortly after I left The Mothership, I headed off to work and was surprised to learn that they had hired a few new recruits to the Scout's. There were just three new scouts, and I was quietly going over their paperwork and such when a knock came on my office door.

“Come in.” I said, still busy with my work. I looked up when the door opened and smiled brightly.

“Hey Teemo!” Kennen shouted as he ran over to me. I quickly set down my notes and greeted him in a hug. “I thought I would stop by for a visit.” He told me whilst we were hugging.

“Aw, you missed me that much?” I told him, breaking off our hug and walking over to my seat.

“Well, yeah. Plus I don't really get to visit home that often, so I am not sure what to do with my free time.” He closed the door and took a seat in the chair on the other side of my desk.

My office wasn't that big, even for a yordle; just a few things were decorating its area. My chair sat behind the desk, with a small window to let light it behind it. There were 2 more chairs on the other side of the desk; Kennen was currently seated in one of them. The walls were blank, except for the wall behind my desk. A few awards and certificates were framed and hanging. I even had the picture from the Journal of Justice that showed me popping Veigar's escape plan from just a few months back.

“I'm not bothering you, am I?” I heard him ask as I went back to my paperwork.

“Just a bit; I am looking over a some of paperwork. Almost done, so if you wait just a minute we can chat.” I really didn't want to make him wait, but I had missed yesterday and I was behind.

“Oh...” He said quietly.

We sat there in silence for a few seconds, before Kennen was on his feet and walking around in my office. He walked behind me and looked at the various awards and such that were hanging up.

I flipped over to another page of paperwork.

“Hey! I remember this.” I looked up and saw him pointing to the Journal of Justice article about me stopping Veigar. “Well, I remember hearing about it.” He chuckled to himself, “I found it rather funny.”

“It might be funny, but we are just lucky he didn't hurt anyone.” I did chuckle a bit as well. I went back to my work; he moved around a bit as well too. The next few minutes were quiet; Kennen would keep walking around or tapping his foot when he stood still. It was probably from all of that energy he had, he probably needed to keep moving.

I was just finishing up with the last page when I felt his arms slump down over my shoulders and his head came to rest on top of mine.

“Whatchya doin'?” He asked, sounding like a young yordle.

“I'm reading about some new scouts we got recently.” I told him, “Yesterday, in fact.”

“Oooooh.” He said, dragging out the word. I could feel him breathing behind and on top of me. It felt comforting, and after just a few moments; I wasn't even looking at the paperwork anymore. I was leaning back into him, he shifted his head to rest on my shoulder. It was an odd way to be held, but I would take it.

“You are so warm” I told him

'Is that all you can come up with?' The inner voice said.

“You are too.” He said back to me. “But this is a bit uncomfortable for me.” I quickly turned the seat around and pulled him on top of me.

“How is this?” I asked, quietly whispering into his ear. He responded with a kiss, a nice and soft one that just made my mind melt. He stayed locked for a few seconds, then I felt him part his lips and push his tongue into my mouth. This was most certainly our most heated kissing session, and I was loving it. At first I was letting him explore my mouth, but then I felt the need to fight back. The need to show him that I was the dominate one in this relationship. Right when I was about to, the door to my office opened up.

“Captain, the new recruits have-” Kennen and I stopped our heated kiss to look over and see the sergeant in my doorway. “Oh ,uh. I should have knocked, I suppose.” He quickly shut the door and slid something under it.

“Well, that's not what I had in mind.” I said aloud, now mad that I had been seen like that while working.

“Let me just get off you so you can see what he needs.” Kennen got up from sitting on me and walked over to the door.

“That is going to take some explaining.” I said, straightening my hat as I walked over to grab the note. I picked it up and looked it over. “Oh no.” I said under my breath as Kennen leaned over and read the note. He gave out a short laugh.

“That's kinda funny.”

“No it isn't.” I told him.

'Yes it is and you know it.'

“Okay, I need to go and talk to those new recruits. You can join me, but stay in line.” I addressed Kennen, taking his hand and leading him out of my office.

“What is that supposed to mean?” He asked, my door closing as we left.


The new recruits were waiting for me outside of the building as I brought Kennen with me out the front door. The sun was still shining, a perfect day for scouting. I looked over at the new recruits and let go of Kennen's hand.

“Recruits.” I said, firmly but no response. One of them looked over at me, a blank stare.

“Sir?” He said, weakly.

I looked around at the other recruits and saw one curled up on the ground and muttering to himself. The last one was nowhere to be seen, at least so I thought, until I saw a little bunny hopping around at my feet.

“Recruit?” I asked - it stopped moving and stood at attention. I heard laughing behind me.

'This isn't funny Kennen. Who knows what Lulu might have done to them... or their minds.' I thought as I knelt down to the one that was curled on the ground.

“Thursday...” He muttered and swatted at something in the air.

“Speak to me recruit, what happened?” I wasn't sure how much information I would get from him, but I had to try.

“It's feels like Thursday on my green, but the chicken won't let me.” He said, looking over at the bunny, who was still standing at attention. Some more laughter.

'Please don't make me scold you Kennen.'

'Oh, I bet you would like to scold him all right.'

'Not now please.'

“What?” I asked, confused since he wasn't making any sense. He went back to mindlessly chatting to himself and swatting at something he could see. I stood up and walked over to the one who was standing and still a yordle.

“Can you tell me what happened?” He said nothing, only staring at me. I waved my hands in front of his face.

“Uh, Teemo. We might need to get them to a doctor.” Kennen said, now acting a bit serious.

“Yeah, okay.” I said, walking back to the front door and opening it up. “Sergeant! Come out here, I have a task for you.” I ordered. Quickly the yordle that brought me the note appeared in the doorway and stood.

“Yes, Captain Teemo?”

“Okay, I need you to get these three checked out. It seems their run in with Lulu knocked a few screws loose.” I pointed to the one staring blankly, “Get him to a doctor, he might be the only one we can save. We need to knock him out of that stupor he is in.” I pointed to the one curled in a ball, “Get him to the military hospital; they know how to deal with serious mental trauma there.” Then looking down at the rabbit, who was still standing at attention, “And this little guy needs to get to a veterinarian.”

“Yes sir.” He said going back inside to prepare.

“Good, I am going after Lulu with Kennen. Hopefully we can find out why she is this close to the city.” I said, walking back into the building to get my supplies.

“Um, Teemo. I would love to, but I don't have anything on me that would make me feel safe.” Kennen argued, looking at himself in civilian clothes. He was right; he would want something to use just in case Lulu got a bit violent with them. And by violent I mean play her 'games' with us.

'Her games are fun! Like, pin the polymorphed Cho'Gath on the yordle.'

'That never happened.'

'Well it should, that would be a fun game.'

'No, it wouldn't.'

I came back out of the building, pack on my back, and handing Kennen the quill I was using earlier that day. “It's dangerous to go unarmed, take this.”

“You can't be serious.” He said, grabbing the quill. “What am I suppose to do with this? Draw a funny face on her?”

“I don't know. Can't ninjas turn anything into a weapon?” I said; he laughed.

“Yeah, okay.” He wrapped his arm around me, “I guess I can try for my Teemo.” He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah, o-okay.” I knew I was blushing, still a bit nervous about being public with our relationship. “Let's get going.”


We had made our way out of the forest and back to the headquarters, standing outside of it.

“Kennen, does it feel off to you.” I said. The door was closed as we stood outside. The wind was still blowing but it was starting to get dark out.

“Just a bit, but I am sure everything is okay.” He turned the knob and opened the door. The main lobby still looked normal; nothing was wrong but there was a smell in the air.

“What is that smell?” I asked him, taking a step inside.

“I don't know, but it kind smells like flowers or something of that nature.” He said, grabbing my hand as we made our way to my back office. We wanted to stop by here first, ask the sergeant if anything out of the ordinary had happened. It seems like it did, or still was.

“Yeah, I think she might be in here.” I said, looking at the door that lead inside my office. The door had been painted purple, with some swirls of colors that I didn't even know existed in the color spectrum. Kennen had started to chuckle to himself. I was about to tell him that it wasn't funny when someone called to us from the other side.

“I can hear you out there Teemo!” It was definitely Lulu' this was going to be interesting.

“Lulu? What are you doing in there?” I reached for the door and got shocked as I gripped it with my hand. I would have fallen on my butt, except Kennen quickly caught me and lifted me back up.

“None shall pass!” She shouted, then she giggled out loud so I could hear it.

“Are you okay?” Kennen asked, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah, the doorknob just shocked me.” I told him, smiling from the kiss and giving him one right back. “Lulu! You had better open this door!” I know I didn't sound that intimidating, but I had to try.

“Never! Me and Pix will rule this land! I think I will change the wall paper, what do you think Pix?” There was silence for a moment, before she started laughing again. “Yes! That will do! Beautify!” Then there was a flash of light from under the doorway and some noise from the spell she had just cast.

“Ugh, this cannot get worse.” I slid down the wall next to my door.

“Teemo, did you forget who you were dating?” Kennen said, reaching for the door handle. I could see the electricity arc up his arm, but he closed his eyes for a moment and it quickly found it's way downward into the floor, dissipating. He turned the handle and the door flew open. “Ta daaaa!” He playfully shouted as he held out his hand for me. I accepted it and pulled myself up.

“No! Why is he here! This is not fun.” She started to moan and pout.

“Lulu, you have got some nerve to come...” I stepped in and almost fell backwards, again, in seeing how my office was. Lulu was swirling around in my spiny chair; Pix was writing and coloring on the walls, which had turned into the same color as the door. Even the same swirls and patterns, but now it was everywhere! Even the floor and ceiling, plus the windows were even colored, somehow.

“Do you like it? I made it pretty!” She shouted, spinning in the chair a bit more and laughing.

“Lulu, why are you even here?” Kennen must not of been phased by it at much; he just walked right up to her.

“What do you mean? This is my office, it even looks like me.” She pointed to the colored walls and to Pix. “Even Pix is here.”

“So, you were the bunny Teemo was talking to.”

“Yeah, it was fun to be a scout. I saluted and everything!” She saluted me, I was finally snapping out of my stupor.

“Lulu, I need to know what you are doing here. What did you do to my recruits?”

“I was bringing them back; they were too close to my home. Plus I wanted to play games with them, but decided to just bring them home and play with you!”

'I hope we get to play pin the polymorphed Cho'Gath on the yordle.'

'I told you that isn't a game she plays.'

“Yeah it is! Cho'Gath just isn't around though.” Lulu chimed in, agreeing with the dark voice.

“I don't think Cho'Gath would let you...” I stared at her for a moment. “How did you know what he was talking about?”

“I heard him talk to you.” She grabbed her toes and swung in the chair again. “He sounds like much more fun then you.”

'I knew we would get along.'

“I bet we will get along greatly.” She smiled.

“What is going on here?” Kennen asked me, looking a bit worried.

“She is...” I wasn't really sure I knew what was going on. “She is talking to that voice inside of me.”

“How does she know what it is saying?” He asked again. I just shook my head, not sure how she was doing it.

“Because I am listening to it Teemo.” She jumped up onto the desk and grabbed her staff, that was resting on it the entire time.

“Lulu, this has gone on far too long. If you don't have anything serious that needs to be discussed, please leave Bandle City.”

“No! I wanna talk more.” She said, pointing to me.

“No, I am not going to let him talk anymore. Not when you are around.”

'Why no-' I closed my eyes and just pushed him aside before he could finish.

“No.” I stood my ground, having a stare down with Lulu. “He shouldn't even be talking now. He just gets out sometimes.”

No comment from the voice.

“Aw, that isn't fun. He likes being out.” She started to pout again. “Let him out!”

“No!” I shouted at her. “Now, Lulu, please leave or me and Kennen will have to make you leave.”

“I want to talk to him!” Pix even nodded in agreement.

“Well, like I told you. He is suppose to only come out when I have to fight. Like on Summoners Rift.”

“I see. Well then, I guess I don't have a choice.” She shrugged her shoulders and sighed. I did as well, it seems like she will leave peacefully.

“Thank you Lulu, and listen. You can always come and visit Teemo or me, you just have to be a bit calm about it. When you do things like this-” Kennen was talking calmly to her as he stepped closer. I could tell he wanted to try and disarm her of her staff, but as he got about half way she raised and shouted at him.

“Changeamorphic!” A bean shot out at Kennen and he fell to the floor as a raccoon. He scurried around a bit, as if confused and scared.

“K-kennen...” I felt my heart drop. It hurt when I saw this happened to the new recruits; some of them might leave because of this incident. But when I saw Kennen running around as a raccoon... “What did you do?” I looked up at Lulu. She held out her staff towards me and smirked.

“I said I wanted to talk some more.” Then she shot her beam out at me, but I quickly jumped out of the way and landed near raccoon Kennen.

I reached for my blowgun, ready to blind her and bring her into submission before this got more out of hand. I gripped it tightly and reached for the dart. It was just like on the battlefield; I was panicking a bit about what she might try and do. My heart was racing, palms sweating, and my target was in sight. My mind was set for battle. and I had one more thought before it went dark.

“Well Lulu, you said you wanted to talk.”


I would like to take a moment and apologize for taking waaaaay to long on this. I actually started writing this one about a month ago, then I just kinda forgot about it. So, it is here and I have great plans for having this update at a regular pace. Maybe I will finish this story arc the same day I posted the first chapter!

So, I had a friend help me get past the huge roadblock and get me back into writing. He is currently writing his own story, and I LOVE IT! After reading it we got to talking and it is what lead to this actually getting done. Plus he edited it for me! Such a great guy!

Here is a link to his story, it is rated T (currently)


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.......I'm going to read this now