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Winning the Heart of a Tempest (TeemoXKennen)

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I'm going to read through this whole series again also I eagerly await your next chapter.

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Hello there!

I am almost done with the newest installment, but I am not sure how to end it. So here is what i would like, post one sentence and I will choose one to work from!

Also, I am going to be fixing up how the last chapter ended, I don't feel it was up to my standards.

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Hello there!

I am almost done with the newest installment, but I am not sure how to end it. So here is what i would like, post one sentence and I will choose one to work from!

Also, I am going to be fixing up how the last chapter ended, I don't feel it was up to my standards.

I saw this post and I swear to god I'll kill you x,D I thought the next chapter was here :C

As a writer, I'm not going to offer anything for you to work from. It would detract from your creativity >w<

I'll just wait patiently e.e

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I saw this post and I swear to god I'll kill you x,D I thought the next chapter was here :C

As a writer, I'm not going to offer anything for you to work from. It would detract from your creativity >w<

I'll just wait patiently e.e

Waiting patiently? Well then, let me finish it and get it out in about an hour.

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I didn't fully like how the last chapter ended, so I went back and tweaked it up just a bit. Hope you enjoy this chapter even more!

I know I will do a one-shot for my next update, it might even be an M-rated one, better then the valentines day short I wrote a while ago.

I know I told myself I would go back and fix that one too...

(Throws to back burner)

Oh yeah, this marks the beginning of the next plot arc.

How to 'Date' Part 1


The night passed on as Kennen and I watched the stars move across the sky. We talked about a few things here and there, mostly just getting to know each other a little better. I knew he was bound to bring it back up, the inside voice in me, and I wasn't sure how to respond.

“I'm not sure how to respond.” I told him when he asked.

“That isn't a response Teemo,” He told me, shaking his head at me, “It had to begin somewhere.”

“Like I said, as long as I could remember it has been here. It is weird though, it helps me a lot but when I don't need it, it attacks me.” I told him, thinking about it.

'Don't think about me like that, you know you like me when I am here!'

“It is just the way you cope with pain and loss. Everyone has their own way, just not as self-destructive as yours”

“I know. I just don't understand why it attacks me. I mean, it is me, right? Why does it want to see me in pain?” I asked aloud, but before he could respond we heard something from the rooftop of the apartment complex.

“I'm surprised anyone is walking the city at this time, it is way past sunset.” He told me as he got up and went to the edge of the roof to see who it was.

“It is, wonder who it is.” I asked, walking over to where Kennen was to see who would be out at this time.

“It's Rumble and Tristana...” He whispered, peeking over the edge like a young yordle trying to be sneaky and hide from Cho'Gath, or Kog'Maw. They play it like hide 'n seek, but more like hide 'n get eaten. I laughed a bit remembering this.

“I wonder what they are doing out this late?”

“Well, I bet if you be quiet we can hear them. I mean, they are being loud.” I nodded and listened to the conversation that was happening below us.


They were standing in front of the doorway to the building we were currently spying on them from. Tristana was leaning against the door frame as Rumble talked just a few steps away. It seemed like they just got back from their date.

“...and that is why the chicken crossed the road.” Rumble said, finishing up a joke. I know Rumble a little bit but, he wasn't funny when he tried. Like earlier today, he wasn't even trying and thinking back on it now it was really funny.

“Um, Rumble,” Tristana said, “What's a chicken?”

“Well, I-uh...” He stammered for a second, “I heard some summoners call each other it a few times. I guess its something that get scared easily.”

“And crossing the road makes the joke funny?”

“Yeah, I guess you just didn't get it.” He told her.

“Oh? I didn't get it? Why is that? Huh?” I could tell by how she was talking that she was joking just a bit.

“No-no-no-no, th-that isn't what I mean... I mean, I, like...” He started stuttering and panicking in front of her. “Oh ****, this isn’t going well... Err, I mean, I-I had fun tonight. Dinner was good, right?” He was trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, it was nice.” Tristana said, her voice sounded a little softer and calmer then I have ever heard.

“Yeah...” Rumble agreed, he sheepishly rubbed his arm and looked around.

“So, um.. yeah.” It was getting awkward to watch, they weren't sure where to go from here. “I guess I shou-”

“Wait!” Tristana yelled, it was obvious she didn't mean to say it so loud, “I mean, don't go. I, uh, wanna come in?”

“Wha-?” Rumble's jaw nearly hit the floor.

“You know, for drinks. Just drinks...” She had regained her composure and opened the door for Rumble.

“Oh, yeah... Okay, that’s good. I was, I was getting nervous. Ya know.” He kept rubbing his arm and walked in through the door.

“Oh, you don't have to be nervous around me, Rumble.” The door closed and we lost sight and sound of them.


“Huh, that was interesting to watch.” Kennen said, sitting up and looking at me, “We weren't that awkward when we first talked, right?”

“I don't think so. I mean, I was shy about it, but you weren't so, yeah.” I gave a nervous laugh and went back over to the blanket we had laid out. I heard Kennen follow me and lay down next to me, gazing at the stars together.

“They were out late, huh.”

“Well, if they went to The Mothership as well, that place stays open really late. Like, early hours of the morning and such. They get a lot of business so it makes sense to stay open.”

“Yeah that makes sense.” He agreed, snuggling a little closer to me. “Teemo?”

“Yeah Kennen?”

“Are Tristana and Rumble going to come up here too?” I looked over at him.

“I don't think so, why would they?”

“Well, wouldn't she know about the stars up here too? I mean, if she want to show Rumble, or something...” He looked over at the door that lead up here. The small black I grabbed to keep it open was still doing its job.

“Nah, don't worry about them.”

“Well, I just don't want them to interrupt us.”

“I doubt it, they will probably be having *** anyway.” I stopped it before it said anything else.

“Huh?” Kennen gave me the weirdest look, and who could blame him.

“Sorry about that, I swear that wasn't me who said that.” I was blushing a bit and looked away, “It was, um, the voice.”

“It's okay, I doubt they would do something like that anyway.”

“You think so? I mean, they both like each other a lot, I mean, Tristana basically fell head over heels in love with him almost immediately.”

“Really? I wonder if Rumble was the same way.” He looked back at the door, thinking about the new couple currently in Tristana's room.

“I am not sure. He likes her, I know that, but when I told him that she liked him today, it looked like he had never thought about it before.”

“So, if they love each other, you think it will lead to ***?” He asked, almost innocently.

“Well, that isn't something for me to determine.” I was starting to get nervous as to where this conversation was leading. “I mean, let them do what they way-”

“But wouldn't they be doing each other?” He laughed at his joke, I giggled a bit.

This whole talk about *** was a bit unnerving for me, I had never openly talked about it like that before. Plus, the last thing I wanted to talk about, let alone thing, was having *** with Kennen.

'So you don't want to do him?'

'No-no-no, that isn't what I meant...'

'Then what did you mean?'

'I mean that we aren't ready to be talking about something like this...'

'Why not? I thought we loved him'

'No, I love him. And I am not going to listen to you anymore right now.'

I realized I had gone silent for a little bit, he was just staring at me. His smile, the way his eyes looked, and how he was leaning closer to me. It made my heart melt and my pulse quicken. I didn't say anything and just leaned in for a quick kiss. Even if the kiss was quick I could tell how soft and lovely the kiss was for both of us.

“Hehehe...” He giggled a bit and blushed as we parted from the kiss.

“You are all giggly all of a sudden.” I noticed.

“No I'm not!” He shouted, looking away and wrapping his arms around his torso.

“Oh? You aren't?” I got closer to him, my arms grabbing at his sides, “Even when I do this?”

I started tickling him on his sides. He laughed and fell over, turning from side to side and telling me to stop. I kept at it though, moving to get in a better position. His arms kept trying to get me from tickling at his sides, but I knew he must be ticklish in other places as well.

'His neck!' My mind shouted, so my hand quickly darted up and around his neck. He jumped and shouted, laughing and panting more then before. He was now trying to cover up his neck by shooing my hands away, but his attempt was in vain as I continued my ticklish assault.

“Teemo! Ha ha!” He laughed, saying my name. “S-stop, hehe, sto-o-op. Ha!” He rolled away from me and onto his stomach.

“Never!”I playfully shouted, getting ontop of him and trying to find a ticklish spot now. It was hard, he was covering his neck with his arms and I couldn't get to his stomach.

“Teemo, if you don't know what to do, how about we switch spots?” He had to speak a little louder, since his face was looking at the blanket on the ground.

“No! I will find it and I will have you writhing under me!” I playfully shouted as I continued my ticklish assault on the smaller yordle under me.

“Don't, please! I don't think I can handle something like that!” He teased back, starting to wiggle under me in a failed attempt to get away.

“You will, I promise that you-” I stopped dead as I happened to look up and see Tristana and Rumble staring at us.

We were staring at them.

There was a long and awkward silence.

“Sorry! I didn't mean to interrupt!” Both Tristana and Rumble shouted as they quickly ran back through the door they had only just walked through. I looked at my position over Kennen and what it must of looked like we were doing.

“Oh, sorry Ken.” I quickly got off of him and helped him up.

“I bet that is going to be one awkward conversation to have with her tomorrow.” He laughed.

“Just a bit, sorry I got carried away.”

“Don't be, I mean... I liked you being on me.” He blushed and quickly took his seat back on the blanket. I was slack jawed for a moment, thinking about what he had just said. “Come on silly, let's get some sleep.”

“Oh, yeah.” He patted the spot next to him and I got next to him. “Have fun tonight?”

“Oh yes. I had a lot of fun.” He giggled and leaned into me.

It felt nice having him on my chest. We were laying down again, just holding each other and looking up at the stars as the night kept going on and on.

These were the nights that were simply amazing. The nighttime breeze, along with our shared warmth, kept us very cozy. The small sounds of the city below up slowly sang us to sleep as the stars in the sky started to disappear; my eyes growing heavier and heavier. I felt one last kiss on my cheek before I fell asleep.


I awoke to the sun peering down on me, it was just reaching it's highest point in the sky. I tried blocking out the sun with my hand and slowly got up. Stretching and yawning, I stumbled a bit and tripped over something.

“Is that how you say good morning?” I heard Kennen joke. I looked down and saw him face to face, it seems I had tripped over him.

“Oh, um.. Yes?” I wasn't sure how to respond. He laughed a bit more and gave me a quick kiss.

“Okay, now if you don't mind getting off of me,” I quickly got up and helped him up, “I need to get home before my parents worry.”

“Oh...” I was sad, also a little heart broken.

“Don't be sad Teemo.” He gave me a hug. “I will come back over later. Okay?”

“Yeah.” I hugged him back.

“Anyway, don't you have to go and report soon?”

“Oh ****!” I shouted, quickly hurrying to pick up the blanket, “Oh no, I can't be late again!” The rest of the morning went by rather quick. We cleaned up out little mess from last night and went our separate ways.

I couldn't keep focus during my morning routines. I was assigned to walk the town and report any suspicious activity, mainly looking and seeing if Veigar was up to some kind of shenanigans. But I couldn't focus, my mind was more focused on Kennen.

'Oh Kennen. How lovely you are, how your fur was shining this morning, how your smile melts my heart.'

'Please don't make me put up with all of your mushiness today.'

'Oh please, like I am going to listen to you.'

'I just didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Okay?'

'What? What does that mean? We slept, how can you get- You know what. Never mind Why am I even arguing with you.'

'Because you like it, makes you feel sane.'

'This is sane? Arguing with myself?' I hadn’t even noticed that I stopped moving, simply standing in the middle of the sidewalk, making faces to myself. It was only when someone bumped into me that I snapped out of my inner arguing.

“Excuse me.” I said, before continuing my morning routine. I continued to be a bit mindless for a while longer, thoughts about last night and such kept coming back. Although, I was a bit tired still, maybe a nap after this would be good.

'Another nap with Kennen.' My tummy felt all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. A goofy grin appeared on my face.

People were waving and greeting me all morning, happy to see a champion of the league. It was nice to be recognized like this, and it wasn't any kind of over the top fame that would annoy me. The worst was when the media started spreading rumors about me and Tristana being more than friends. It was just silly, some rumors still go around town about us being together, but we always just shrug them off.

Although, last night at The Mothership was completely different. Having that girl, Kara, hit on me was something new. Plus, how I decided to respond to that situation, it was a bit over the top.

'Maybe I should find her and apologize' I thought to myself as I walked past The Mothership.


Even this early in the morning the restaurant was still a bit packed, but Kara was not at the front podium. There was another yordle there, male this time.

“Ah, Captain Teemo.” He greeted, walking up to me and shaking my hand. “What can I do for Bandle City's hero?” He was referring to the time when Veigar tried to steal the actual mothership, his attempt ended with me popping his escape balloon I laughed a bit at the memory.

“Hello, is Kara working right now? I need to speak with her?” His facial expression seemed to be a combination of confusion and happiness.

“Ah, Kara. Nice girl, good worker,” He said, “But no, she got off a while ago.”

“I see.”

“Didn't she give you her address last night? It seemed like you two were getting along just great.”

“Huh?” Did he notice how she acted last night, “Well, I guess you could say that. She is a nice girl, but I feel like I need to apologize for how I acted.”

“Well, I can't just give you her address. But I don't mind passing that on to her the next time she works.” My face beamed up.

“Will you?” He nodded, “Thank you! I wouldn't want to make her upset.”

“Well, to be honest. She didn't seem that upset when she left, but if you think so.”

“Maybe I didn't upset her as much as I thought. But still pass on my apology please.” He nodded and I took my leave, a small burden was lifted form my shoulders.

I stepped outside and took in a deep breath. The day was young, I was going to be hanging out with Kennen later on today, and nothing was could possibly bring my mood down.


So, longer chapter then my usual. Yay!
Sorry for the later update, trying to get back on track like normal.

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Also, if you don't mind taking a moment and going over to another thread I have open.

Just give it a +1, or comment if you want. Up to you.


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Agh I hate when I find good fanfics. Every time I read the new chapter it's never enough x,D

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The way it works with this fanfic is : I read the fanfic, feeling happy all the way through, and t5hen I get to the end and die a little that is only revived by the next fanfic. Its torture.

Keep up the good work!

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AWWW. :3 SO cute.

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My laptop's hard drive crashed and burned today.
I will be out of commission until I get a new one.
Plus I lost a lot of work, so I get to redo a lot of things.