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Winning the Heart of a Tempest (TeemoXKennen)

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Excited! Also that joke was terrible XD

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I feel bad for getting this chapter out so late, please forgive me! Don't throw bottles or anything, I swear I will try and be better about getting them out sooner!

I stood there, at the entrance of 'The Mothership', another yordles lips pressed against mine. Although, they weren't just anyone's lips, they were Kennen's.

Kennen's lips, pressing against mine in front of the yordle girl named Kara, who's jaw was now hitting the ground. I pulled away and looked at Kennen, a blush on his face and I was sure I had one too. I looked over at Kara, a blush also on her face and jaw slightly ajar.

“I am going to have to decline on your invitation because,” I gave Kennen's rump good slap, causing him to jump just a bit, “Because I have someone right now.” And with that, I grabbed Kennen's hand and walked out the door, not daring to look back or wait for a response.

The night air was refreshing for my lungs, that were now racing for air to keep up with my pounding heartbeat. Kennen gripped my hand and caused me to stop after we had walked for just a minute. I turned and looked at him, he had the weirdest expression on his face, a mix of confusion, anger, and happiness. We stood there for just a moment, the sounds of Bandle city slowly turning in for the night seem to be absorbed by our silence.

“Kennen, I-” I started to say, breaking the silence before a hand slapped me on the face.

“That is for the slap on the ass,” He told me, when I looked back at him to say something he gave me a quick kiss on the lips, “And that is for making me feel like a million gold coins back there.”

“I, uh. What?” I was still confused about the whole situation, not sure what to say or do. He laughed a bit at me and grabbed my hand.

“Back there, at the restaurant, remember? Or did you forget about that?” He teased as we continued our stroll down the street.

“Wait... Are you mad or happy?” I asked, confused at the slap and the kiss. He looked over and me, the smile was still one his face.


”Yes? That doesn't really answer my question.”

“Oh, okay.” We walked in silence for another minute, I thought he was thinking over his answer still but I decided to ask again.

“Kennen? Are you mad about what happened at the restaurant? Or are you happy? Because you are confusing me.” My heart rate had gone back to normal by now, the scene at the restaurant was now simply a memory.

'Well, you did slap my butt in public, not sure if that was a compliment or not.” He said, “But, then again, I really liked that kiss.” He blushed and looked away from me for a second.

“Oh, well um, thank you? No, I mean, you're welcome.” I wasn't sure what to even say. He laughed as I stuttered a little more and continued to make myself look like a fool.

We continued our little walk through Bandle City, watching as the city slowly started to quiet down and yordles fled to their homes for dinner and bedtime. The air was still as cool as it had been when we left the restaurant, giving me the chills every now and then.

“Are you cold Teemo?” Kennen asked as he pulled me closer to him, “You can get closer if you need to, you don't have to be afraid of me.”

“I'm not afraid of you Kennen,” I reassured him as he pulled me closer, “I'm just nervous, that's all.”

“Well don't be, okay? We are friends, no need to be nervous around me.” He snuggled closer to me as we walked down the street.

“Yeah, okay.”

'Ha! Just friends, doesn't seem like he likes you that much after all. Does he?'

'No, he does. He didn't mean for it to sound like that.'

'Keep telling yourself that and we will see what happens.'

'Just shut up and leave me alone!'

“-But she worries a lot more than him.” Kennen had just finished saying something when I came back to reality.

“Oh uh, I see.” I tried giving a vague answer.

“You weren't paying attention, were you?”

“I, uh... no, sorry.”

“Did that voice yell at you?” He asked, stopping our walk to do so.

“Yeah, it did.” I told him, “Wait, how did you know?”

“Dude, I'm a flippin' ninja! I know everything!” He said, a very serious expression on his face and for just a second I believed him. That is, until he started laughing. “Oh my goodness, you should of seen the look on your face.” He said between his laughs.


“That's what Trist came over and talked to me about today. She said its hard for you to talk about it, so she wanted to just break the ice and tell me about it.” I wasn't sure if I should be mad or happy, I remember it was hard telling Trist about it a few years back, when the league had first opened. “Don't be mad at her, okay?”

“No, I'm not mad, in fact... I am glad she did. It was a hassle telling her the first time about it.” I told him, our hands cupped together as we made it down the now silent street.

“I see, if you ever need to talk about it, I'm here for you.” He said, laying his head against my shoulder. When he said that, and leaned on my chest, I felt my heart flutter a little. My chest felt like mushrooms exploded in it. I must have had the stupidest grin on my face and I leaned my head a little on his as we continued towards my flat.

We didn't have to walk much further to get back to my flat. The rest of the walk was made in silence, until we made it to the entrance way.

“Here we are.” I said, stating the obvious.


“Listen, about the restaurant, I am sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable.” I told him, rubbing the back of my head and looking away sheepishly.

“Well, I do feel like you could of handled that better.” He told me.

“Maybe, just a little bit.”

“But, you know... I did enjoy that kiss.” That got my attention.

“Oh? You did?” I said, looking back at him. Back into those magnificent eyes of his, making my heart race just a bit.

“Yeah, it was interesting. Not sure how to describe it but my chest was all...” His hands waved in front of him as he tried to grasp the word he was looking for.

“I understand what you mean, I felt the same way.” We both stood there for a minute, looking around nervously, neither wanting to make the first move. I looked up into the sky, at the stars, hoping they would give me enough courage to just grab him and kiss him once more. Stars!

“So I guess I-”

“The stars!” I shouted, cutting Kennen off mid sentence, “I mean, want to go up and look at the stars?” I asked, trying to calm down. I was starting to get really nervous and shaking a bit. “We could, you know, go look at the stars.” His eyes lit up and he took off again, rushing as fast as he could to the top of the apartment complex. I laughed and chased after him, stopping by my room to grab a blanket and something to block the door with.

We were sitting up on the roof, quietly chatting and and looking at the stars. We were laying down on the blanket I brought up for us to lay on.

“You see those three stars right there?” I asked, pointing into the sky at the stars.


“And then that big clump next to it, it kind of surrounds those three I just pointed out.”

“Uh huh, what about them?”

“Well, that is a constellation, basically a named group of stars.”

“That's cool, what is that one called?”

“That is one I found one night, I like to call it Cho'Gath's Feast.” He cracked up laughing, rolling a bit on the blanket as he brought sound to the silent night.

“That was funny.” He said, rolling on to his side and looking at me. I looked back at him and we stared into each others eyes just a bit.

“I, uh... I like you Kennen.” I told him, blushing a bit.

“Oh really? I couldn't tell from our date.” He teased, swatting at me.

“Yeah, I know just wanted to actually say it.”

“Aw.. Well, I like you too.” He said, grabbing my hand. He smiled at me, snuggling just a bit closer to me.

'Now is your chance!' I told myself as he got closer to me. I leaned in and kissed him again, this time it was more sweet then passionate. He leaned into the kiss and got closer to me, his hands found his way to my chest and I pulled him a little closer. I rubbed my tongue against his lips and he slowly opened them, allowing me to explore his mouth. His mouth had a bit of sweetness to it as I kept moving my tongue around it, after a few short seconds, he started to fight back and our tongues started to duel.

We broke the kiss shortly after, breathing heavily and looking at each other.

“That was, wow...” I said, amazed at how great the kiss felt.

“Yeah, that was awesome!” He shouted, I laughed a bit.

We laid down next to each other, holding each other a bit as the night started to get colder and colder.

“There are a lot of stars out in the sky.” Kennen said, pointing up as them in the sky.

“Yeah, too many to count.”

The night was slowly coming to a halt as our conversations started to get simpler. But it was okay, just enjoying each others company was enough for me.

Going to try and do weekly updates again, please read and review!!!

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I love their interactions. Teemo's so adorably shy x,D

great work =] looking forward to weekly updates

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Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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It was worth the wait. Excellent job. <3 Screw the meta I'm going to be playing those two more often.

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urgent bump like 5th time

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Yes. Urgent bump.

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Oh ****! I missed my deadline, didn't I?

Sorry! I have work early tomorrow, but tomorrow night, I will get to work on it!

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Oh ****! I missed my deadline, didn't I?

Sorry! I have work early tomorrow, but tomorrow night, I will get to work on it!


(Can't wait <3)