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RP to IP conversion?

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never gonna happen. just like with XBL and wii points, riot WANTS you to have leftover points. so you always have to pay slightly more than you need too to get what you want. its a marketting scheme.

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Mr Immaturity



Amy the Raven:
It's part of the marketing strategy. Because having "wasted" points will lead the majority of people to eventually buy more points, hoping to use up these "leftover" points, and then buy more points when there are still some left over. Customers want to use up every last point. It's natural. No one likes wasted money. Hence odd-numbered points lead to more leftovers and more supplemental purchases. It's psychological manipulation, and most of the time it works.

I figured that was the case. But still, it is worth trying to get less costly uses for useless RP, know what I'm saying? I'm probably never going to buy RP again. So this 200 something RP is going to be with me until either I buy more or I quit league. Hopefully neither will happen. Personally, I find buying Premium cash of any kind a waste. Especially for games that have "special benefits" that give unfair advantages to those who do spend more money.
Anyways, It was worth a try. Obviously nobody really minds the extra RP, however annoying it is.