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"Intentionally Feeding" in the Tribunal

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((This was in General Discussion but I was told I should move it here. I forgot this forum existed actually XD))

I frequent the Tribunal and try to vote on a few cases a day as it's my part in being a League Player. Usually I can make a pretty swift decision after reading the offenses, who reported them, and scanning the chat log. There is one thing however, that I can never decide what to do with them however, and that is "Intentionally Feeding" because no one ever specifies. They just slap it down and send it off, so I have no idea if they're really intentionally feeding or not. Maybe they just suck, in which case, it would be "Unskilled" or maybe they just had a horrible game. We all have horrible games. I've played with Talon and gone 3X/<5/1X multiple times, but I've also had games where my deaths were triple my kills, and I had almost no assists. Sometimes you just have an off game.

There is a very easy way to counter this though. Write what they did. Unless they say in the chat log "Lol f_-_ you guys I'm gonna go feed now" I don't know what really happened. In the little "put your comment stoofs here" box, put your comment stoofs there 0 _0
It's extremely useful and makes judging cases far easier. Just say something like, "He would run into the middle of a lane, and just stand there." That would help greatly.
Specify, and we can decide whether a Punish or Pardon should be delivered much faster, and far more reasonably.

Yes, I know people can lie, I know they will, but I have faith in the community that there will be more truths than lies. Plus, most of the liars will be to lazy to actually write something out. They'll just be butthurt, slap it down and send it off as I've said before.