I want to get a ranked team started

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I have well over 300 games played and I research guides on every role in the game and i record all my games so I can constantly improve my game. I don't have the time to go pro nor do I want to. I just like to be the best at what I love.

I don't believe in ELO hell I have won many 4v5 games or games with complete noobs and I have even been carried many games. While solo Que is fun I want to get on skype with 4 other people and be able to work as a team better. I've tried to join other teams but nothing ends up happening. So I will start my own.

I wont have a website I have not come up with a team name yet but I have lots of time for that. again we will be using skype its free so no complaints about not being able to afford it. A mic is mandatory if you don't have one and want to join the team get one.

Some requirements I am 21 so I would like people my age. if your 18 and mature PM me ill play a couple games and see how it goes. But I am also a single parent so I am much more mature than most people in my age group. so older guys and gals dont hesitate I wont rage or get mad if you went out of position and died.

I know we all wont be at the same skill set but it will be nice to all learn from each other and be able to get better as a team. I am online every night between 830pm-whenever I get tired PST.

So if you are interested PM me Sanctakill and I would be glad to talk to you