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Season 2 Shaco Jungle Help Needed

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I've decided to go with the 2:30 Jungle route in which i secure both buffs and gank a lane at level two with Jack in the Box and Deceive. By now, i'll have one slow from red buff, but not two from Two-Shiv Poison, since i am not rank three. So, my Summoner Spells should help out in this gank: Should i take

Smite(obvious):Cleanse(since i am always main priority in teamfights)


Smite:Exhaust(To make up for that slow)

Also, which Glyphs (blues) would you reccommend me take with him? I run:

Armor Pen Reds
Flat Armor Yellows
Two Flat Health Quints and an Armor Pen Quint
For blues, i was looking for attack speed, but i noticed many people took magic resist.

Finally, last question, is a gank acceptable if they blow their flash summoner spell or heal or any summoner spell at least? Thank you.

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I'm assuming you're going to go AD shaco since you talk about team fights (heh).

Exhaust would work better overall, as lategame red should be going to your ad carry and blue to the ap carry, meaning that your hallucinate will be indistinguishable from you in a teamfight (if you use it right and you don't have baron), not even counting you being able to hopefully Q in and Q out of tfs since you're a squishy, and Cleanse wouldn't work too well since while it will certainly stop any CC on you, it won't block any damage at all (which exhaust will) and you can still slow earlygame.

A gank is successful if they blow their summoner spells to get away. Any skills you used will be cooled down before theirs are. (Exhaust cools down faster than flash and heal!)

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Here's a route I've been doing that I'd recommend:

1) 4 boxes at red (out away from the camp a bit_
2) Smite big wraith and clear wraith camp when it spawns. Use a box to make it go faster once its off CD
3) Kill red camp. If you do this right, you'll be done with wraiths and aggro'ing the lizard into your boxes at around 1:57. Lvl 2 now, grab your E
4) Pop a pot if needed and run over to blue. Place a box over the wall and get to work on blue. Use smite when its up.
5)You're now level 3 at around 2:55 with both buffs. Gank blue buff's lane, then mid, then go wolves, wraiths, golems.
6) Gank hard and often from there, secure an early game lead for your team.

Go exhaust for your second SS unless your team is packing strong CC, then ghost is a good option. These give your ganks the most potential. Also, be sure NOT to use 2-shiv right when you gank. You get a slow just from your basic attacks when it's not on CD. So wait for them to burn their flash/escape first and then 2-shiv them.