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Standard Teams and Objectives

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This isn't a thread about which champions are best with each other or what type of combos you can use. This is a simple thread about my thoughts playing summoner's rift in a 5v5 match. First I would like to state that I'm a fairly new player. I've been playing for a little over two months. I'm lvl 30 but I only have 1 ranked game under my belt. Its a win but you know compared to other players that have played for months I'm still a greenhorn. When I go into a 5v5 match I'm more focused on pushing turrets than anything else. The objective in the match is to destroy the enemy's nexus and the only way to do that is to destroy the turrets leading up to that structure. I understand that stopping enemy champions is a must but there in lies the problem. People do not "stop" enemy champions, they "kill" enemy champions. When I'm in a lane the turret is my objective. I focus on bring it down while being mindful of the enemy champions and watching my vulnerable side for possible ambushes/ganks. My favorite lane is mid. Why? Because its a solo lane. If you die its your own fault because you weren't mindful of your surroundings or just got outplayed. If you are laning with someone then that statement I said above comes into question. Does your partner wish to "Stop" or "kill" enemy champions.

There are 3 types of laners. Defensive, Offensive, Opportunistic, Defense players will push their turrets, being mindful of their surrounds and poking damage to enemy champions to push them back or get a kill the enemy is low on health. Offensive players aim to attack champions, diving on to them to achieve the maximum amount of damage to kill or force them back, they rely on mias and generally only attack minions for money and xp. Opportunist players normally don't push a lane but even if they do their goal is to gank champions, preferbly attack champions with low health to ensure their attack is successful. I consider myself a Defensive player. When I lane, i like to lane with someone that is more like me. Don't dive into enemies if you know you're going to die. If you die onto an enemy and get a kill at the cost of your own life that isn't worth it unless your target was on a killing spree or it was first blood resulting in more gold for you and whoever assisted you. Getting a kill at the cost of a kill means it was a fair exchange. You got some gold and they got some gold giving both teams an equal boost in revenue (gold). However if you dive into an enemy, get the kill and survive from the encounter then you just received gold and denied them any benefit whatsoever, giving your team the advantage. Getting a kill is great and gives you much needed gold for items but one most always be mindful of turrets.

If your team is winning a game with a score of 14-4, there is no reason why one of their turrets shouldn't be down yet. The fact that the team is doing so well means that they should have no problem poking enough damage to bring down at least one turret. however people don't think about turrets do they. If someone leaves their lane for a successful gank they don't think about staying in the lane they traveled toward to poke extra damage to their turret do they? They would look back at their previously lane for more ganks even if their turret isn't in any danger. People that do this is really greedy for kills and gold. Sure getting another successful gank would grant you more gold but taking down a turret would most likely grant you and the team more gold/XP than one simple kill and it would also force the opposing team to be more mindful of that lane because its more vulnerable. Sure you can say that getting more kills generally makes you and your team stronger but if you are 25-12 and all your turrets outer and inner turrets are gone then something is very wrong. Pushing lanes and attacking enemy champions goes hand and hand and games are won easier with a good balance of both.

Now I would also like to talk about KS, kill steal for people that don't know what it means. Kill steal is a word that I believe is used by people that have a **** for a brain and feel that getting more kills will extend their ****-like brain to such heights that it could be catapulted into the nighttime sky for a new constellation. For all the people that don't know what KS is. Kill steal is when you land a deathblow on an enemy that someone else weakened and was planning to kills, resulting in more gold for the person that landed the deathblow and less gold to the person who got the assist. What people fail to understand is that it doesn't matter who gets the kill as long as its your own teammate. Even if you don't get the kill someone else on your team will get the extra gold needed to get items to help your team win the game. There is no reason for anyone to complain over kills unless they are trying to impress E-girls with their magnificent profile because the greatest way to get girls is by playing LoL (chuckles). Anyway the objective of the match is to destroy the nexus and win. How its done and who gets the most kills doesn't matter. Remember that this is a team game. This isn't like CoD where your kills are needed to make you into a man in society.

Next thing I want to talk about is teamwork. As I stated above everyone plays differently. There is no reason why you should bash another person for playing differently, instead work with them to achieve the maximum results. If you are an aggressive player that likes to dive in for kills, ping the enemy champion you wish to attack then wait a few seconds for your partner to get into position for a clean, organized attack. Do not attack an opponent with no organization and call your partner a noob just because he wasn't there to assist your aggressive methods. If your characters doesn't wish to dive into an enemy its probably because he is a little scared to attack them or he sees the encounter as unfavorable to him. What do you do then? Make the situation more favorable? Sacrifice 75 gold for a ward to place in a key bush to watch out for ganks or attack the enemy champions a bit closer to your turret to make your partner feel like he can get out of their if his health gets dangerously low. Sure you might now like it but why not? Why not work with your teammates instead bashing them down and making them want to surrender or violate the summoners code and leave? You must understand that you can call an player a noob all you want but if that person leaves or just decides to not give a **** you will be stuck fighting a 4v5 making things really hard for your team. Work with others, don't be elitist.

Now bare with me everyone. I know this is a wall of text and your attention spans are probably close to death right now but this is the last thing I have to talk about. Its the builds and items people use. Every person plays a champion differently. Riot even stated that their items were made for champions to build in many different ways even if it isn't the recommended way. There is no right way to play a champion so please do not bash a player for playing them differently. Also if you need something bought for you, ask. do not expect someone to just buy it for you. For example if you are a melee, fighter type champion and you are laning with a support type champ do not expect the support champion to buy wards. Just because they are support doesn't mean that the items they aiming to use is any cheaper than yours. They must sacrifice time for their build to get wards just like you would have to sacrifice time in yours if you bought it. Politely ask them to get wards if you don't wish to sacrifice the time but if they don't want to get them yourself. Don't be a ****** and refuse to get much needed wards all because your partner doesn't wish to get them. In the end its just going to result in you getting ganked and your teamwork suffering.

This is a team game everyone. The major problem with games such as this is the people that play them. Those who are skilled at the game look down on people that aren't as skilled and would rather win the game themselves instead of working with a team. Sure a team full of pros is awesome but a team full of pros that work together is unbeatable.

For those that read this post, Thank you for your time and hope that this my thoughts help the players of the LoL community to be better gamers.