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Ranked ELO system needs another look at or just a revamp!

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Ok me and many others enjoy playing ranked whether ones stuck in ELO hell or just sucking at it. But when a 1200's elo player is put with a below 900's ELO player. That's just stupid. After losing the match because of the massive trolling... individual picked eve no less. I looked at his match history. Lost every ranked game ever played except 1.

How are the individuals who legitimately play and improve going to move forward if the system itself is at fault for placing us with individuals that have no right or just cause in being in the same bracket.... Now Im no HotshotGG or Dyrus, but thats just retarded.

ElO Hell exists because the ELO matching system just sucks. How can one go 10+kills in a couple of games with 1 death and still have someone trolling with lower elo and losing the match not just for himself but for the entire team.

Also there seems to be a discretion of a 20W:10L ranked individual playing with a person who may have 130W:110L. Some other factors or variables need to be calculated into this system because those 2 shouldnt play together regardless of elo being close. The amount of times ranked games are played by either 1 are very different.

This could be taken as a rant, or maybe I need to vent. Must something is just not adding up.