Laning with Akali?

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I used to main akali before everyone fell in love with her at 1600 elo.
Try to get top lane every game (not mid/jungle) cause she can utilize those bushes like no other.
Also I find she gets countered like no other champ.

Champs to not go against - RIVEN, Pantheon, Teemo, Garen, rumble, swain, udyr, yorick
I know it seems like most top champs but you will never win any of these lanes unless the enemy isnt aggressive/bad/normal q

Try to go against NASUS or Cho and be aggresive early game. You should be so far ahead of them by lvl 8-9 when they get tanky that you will be fine.

Other than the champs named your lane should be fine and just farm till lvl 6 when you can roll out a full combo.

Full combo means Q, (wait till cd is done), r, attack, q, r, attack. This lets you get off your q twice, insanely fast. Q stays on the enemy longer than the cd is. MAKE USE OF THIS!