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Rate your team ranked

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Just had what I think is a great idea after reading another qq ranked ELO hell post. (to those who write them{me included}. I don't mean harm).

In another post, the writer mentions a ranking based on game quality. I wouldn't Mind seeing in effect an ability to rate your teammates after a game.

After a game perhaps before the game stats screen, there is a picture of all players on your team and a 1-5 rating slider beneath the picture. Each player has to cycle the pictures rating their teammates before either viewing stats or re-qeueing. This number system could be averaged into placing you into better games to help in the ELO system.

Take an example of your jungler. He clears the jungle quickly maintains lane presence to put fear into other team and consistently gets dragons while giving mid blue buff. He helps ganking and lane pushing while warding jungles.
This summoner properly did his job so he would be rated at a 4 or a 5 based on your opinion of his assistance level.

Your support kept your carry healed and consistently warded while not taking cs and just being all around great, a rating of 4-5 would be appropriate

Middle lane fed a few unnecessary kills to the other team and missed a lot of cs, lost a tower and pushed enough that the enemy never really was in a gankable position while jungler was waiting in brush. But it's ok because they finally got their act together mid game and finally started carrying and killing the enemy. This particular champ would rate at around a 3 for this match.

Finally, your top lane solo fed, fed, fed, and then trolled causing a lost lane which swayed the match to a loss for your team. This was unavoidable at the amount of feeding this champ did and the unnassisting he did. This champ gets a 1.

Let me explain my ratings. If a summoner did their task properly and well and they deserve an ELO boost, a 4 or a 5 is good to give based on the ELO you are playing at, the higher the rating the better you did at your task. If a summoner did okay but not the best, and you feel that they are where they need to be, a 3 will suffice. If a summoner feeds, does extremely poorly, and /or disconnects, a 1 is the proper rating.

I feel like with this system, there could be a certain amount of ELO for a win or a loss and based on the average of yours and your teammates votes, the amount of ELO lost or gained is divided up by the players average votes.

For example:
Rating. Win ELO. Lose ELO
Sona. 4 16. 8
Vayne. 5. 20 4
Brand. 3. 12. 12
Udyr. 4. 16. 8
Xin. 1. 4. 20

The reason for this would be because a win is a win and if there is a win, no matter how crappy the player, there needs to be reward, I feel,. In that same respect a loss is a loss an punishment needs to occur.

This "rate your team" idea is IMO much better than the current rating system because it does factor in how well you did what you were supposed to do based off of your teams opinions. There is still an ELO loss and gain, but the amount is controlled by what the team thinks of you. I feel as if this defeats the win/loss. +18/-20 system that is currently in place.

I also think that this system could use some improvement, but the basic premis is here. Please give some ideas on this matter.

Also, I realize that the formatting is off here, I can't get to a computer ATM so I typed this on my iPad. Forgive me and pray for my comp to come back online soon.

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Tigerdyr Bot

Senior Member


One problem with your idea. Never let players have control over other players... think about the trolls. And the children, if you want to.


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Senior Member


trolls can exploit this idea pretty well.

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Junior Member


But would that not ruin the idea of elo a bit? I like the idea of a rating system but i don't see a way where trolls benefited more from it. i would prefer a Power ranking instead based on wins and loses like if you won more than 3 game in a row you were on a hot streak and a cold streak vise virsa. and so on whatever riot would decide