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Talon vs Katarina

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Pig Magus

Senior Member


Gameplay: Talon hands down.

Lore: If he could get the jump on her Talon wins, otherwise Kat would win in a drawn out fight.

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Senior Member


The short answer is:
Whoever is luckier.

And yes, skill is luck. Not everybody is born with the same talents or inclinations, which is entirely a function of luck. As is how they keep on training due to changes in their personal lives etcetera, etcetera.

And the way reality works is that if two people who are good at fighting fight, it's an even-split chance of going either way. Or both ways (i.e. one or both being killed or irreparably maimed). That's what it means to be good at killing. And this isn't as impressive a talent as you might imagine, since all the best gunfighters of the West inevitably died to being shot in the back. A hysterical housewife with a kitchen knife in the right place and time is dangerous.

Oh sure, you can quibble about details like terrain, equipment, disposition, levels of rest and so on and so on. But I think you get my point. That also all boils down to luck.