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Scale of 1-4, how excited would you be to try out this game mode?

4 - Heck yea! Sounds like alot of fun! 112 71.79%
3 - I'd be interested to try different builds occasionally. 23 14.74%
2 - Eh, i don't care. 7 4.49%
1 - Sounds stupid. 14 8.97%
Voters 156 .

Infinite Gold Custom Game Mode

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If you start at level 18 (where you are likely to have farmed enough gold for all these items) it would be a useful end game simulation. Otherwise so much of the game depends upon how you play with lesser gear and during the purchasing of items as you level, that starting out with everything you want to buy at level 1 is of minimal use in practicing. The game grows and evolves in each match, starting out able to get every item is not going to help you pace your characters evolution and growth in power each game.
Just my thought, it would still be a rather fun game type I think!

My thoughts exactly!

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Junior Member


That would be awsome
so we can tell you guys what to nerf

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Artist Bogrim

Senior Member


it would be boring because you'd realize you earn nothing through the game

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Senior Member


I guess it's a nice game mode to finally have late game champs dominate. I mean with Twisted Treeline, the Snowdown, and even Crystal Star, it's usually dominated by early game champs or bruisers. This game mode will literally have Vayne, Jax, Irelia, Zac, etc every game. Unfortunately, Nasus's Q will be useless if they start out with full items/etc etc.