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Help with Auto-attack

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You are welcome to laugh at the title, but a quick explanation: I have been playing Singed since forever, and Singed's play style has very little reliance on auto-attack--I only use it very early game, or on towers.

As such, I'm no good at it. I find that when I am playing other Champions, I am issuing move orders too often, which means that I'm not getting enough hits in; I use their abilities, but don't do enough auto-attack damage, and switch targets too often. Not enough damage output, hence not enough kills. So a few specific questions:

Does auto-attack function when you are moving past a target? (My guess: no)

Does auto-attack function when you are standing still, that is, does your Champion automatically acquire a target if it comes within range? (As far as I can tell, yes, but I'm not sure how it prioritizes targets)

Does the attack timer "reset" if you reassign an attack order against the target you are already attacking? E.g., if you're twitchy like most RTS players are and want to constantly be clicking something, are you slowing down the rate of attack by repeatedly clicking the same target? (My guess: no, but want to confirm)

Does the pathing work effectively if you are auto-attacking your target and your target moves? That is to say--are you better off just leaving your target selected and letting the pathing work in following the target, or are you better off keeping your mouse over the target and repeatedly selecting it so that you don't lose the target?

Does ability use reset the timer for the next auto-attack?

Does switching targets introduce a delay in attacks, even if the new target is within range? (From what I can tell, no, but it still seems that switching targets is a bad idea unless there is a good reason for it)

Any general advice for maximizing damage output during extended battles?

Any help would be appreciated. And IBT "you only need to click once".

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yes, unless you're holding the Hold button (default H)
no. good, but this also means you're limited by your attack speed for last-hitting
it works too well. you can usually "lead" your target by clicking in front of them, not on them.
i don't think so.
no, but attack speed still applies (no instant switching)
make sure you get you target the right enemy the first time. your mistake could cost you the battle.
to prevent the above, "only click once"