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Riot should be ashamed

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Ive never played agame that left part of the game so unattended. Really Riot you cant spend a few hours a week working on 3vs3 balance? Ive never seen a company do this, to me this is unprofessional why make something you dont balance and ignore.

you clearly have never played any blizzard or cipsoft games then

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You are missing the business model guys. If they wait more than two weeks to launch a champ everyone has IP to buy them with. If they don't make them horribly OP people won't spend money to buy them. If they don't nerf them after two weeks they are OP on free week rotation that would be a no no. Also the OP compensates for the lack of experience playing them you have. if it was ballanced the new champs would do nothing but die and no one would buy them.

As to TT and ballance. There is a simple solution. Do a reverse of draft pick, each player on each team gets to nominate 3 champs and deny one. The result would be a pool of 12 or so champs to choose from in each game. No one would just nominate retardedly OP champs because one gets denied and they can only play one. It's a self regulating ballance. you pick your best 3 champs and they do too, everyone gets to pick one they don't want to have to lane against. You could even change the numbers easily if that was too restrictive.