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Detecting ping pre-game.

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Currently, I am at leaver level 3. On the computer I was using, There was a series of reasons that led to these leaves (Blackout, family emergency to name two.) And that's all fine, I acknowledge that for whatever reason, intentional or otherwise, I did ruin the game for the others, and the punishment is just.

However, on this computer I am currently using, the internet effectiveness with reference to servers varies based on the time of day, and peak usage. I'm absolutely petrified of playing a game due to the fact that I might lag out and not be able to rejoin, or have the appearance of afking etc, due to using my internet the wrong time of day.

So, something that could allow me to see my ping to the riot servers without actually risking another leaver level, or several reports, would be an absolute life saver for players like me.

Thank you, discussion is encouraged.