Gragas ? Tank/Dmg

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I bought gragas the other day and i also got his skin lol. I like this charrector and use him alot, however i cant seem to figure out which builds are best for him... Alot of people in game imediatly expect me to tank, or that I am a tank.. However besides his High base HP i dont see this char as a tank... One of his moves reduce dmg taken.. however it also gives you mana and dmg done so i dont see how this can be called a tank move.

Everything else is pure Ability power dmg. His ulti has a fast cooldown and can be used alot, his barrels in the early game are deadly.. His charge ability is great for slowing people down or running away. Barrels last game are good for creep farming and tossing in groups as it still does alot of dmg..

After playing other Casters like Annie i honestly think Gragas is a DMG charrector.. His barrels just do to much dmg to not be same with his Ulti.

Am i wrong here in thinking ability power gragas is the right way to go ? I have tried this and i found it to work sorta but then when i do this i find myself dying alot late game due to what i think being the big guy easy to target. I tried to go the thornmail, sunfire cloak route but then i do absolutetly no dmg at all and I find myself only getting lucky killsteals from my ulti, or the occasional solo kill from a guy who thought he could kill me.

I dunno, compared to mele charrector's in this game like Garon,Shaco,Pantheon, Yi and a few others and such i find gragas very hard to figure out how to play and actually get a good KD ratio... even with tons of ability power i find alot of casters in this game are extremely gimp compared to the dmg mele charrectors put off...

Iv seen how hard and how fast mele charrector's hit for, ive played them myself i dont think its fair at all... TBH i think thats why every game there is always 2 Master Yi's and pantheons and shaco's ... because its easy to kill people... By the time you toss a barrel out for 300 base dmg +200 ability power dmg, some master YI would have gotten like 8 hits off you and your health is down to nothing..

This isnt just for gragas for but many other casters...

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Rysan Marquise

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Slowing people who are running: Tank ability, not a tactical stun to prevent attack, but a strategic slow to prevent escape.

Moving Enemies: Tank ability. The ability to change the landscape via your presence or a strong movement ability is the most important ability for a tank. Additionally, it also slows enemy attack rates to protect allies. The 60 second cooldown means he can do this regularly.

Damage reduction: Tank ability. The ability to remain threatening to the enemy while minimizing threat to yourself is an important ability for a tank. His W enables this.

Long-Term Regeneration: Tank ability. The ability to regenerate health over-time in order to continue protecting allies is another important ability for tanks.

Low-itemization Damage: Tank ability. Gragas requires little itemization for damage output and gains little from it. This means he can invest in non-damage items while maintaining a passable damage output.

Long Range Nuke: Mage ability. Long range nukes are an import ability for mages.

AoE Nuke Ultimate: Mage ability. While his AoE nuke is extremely weak for a mage ability, it does still classify as one.

Travel Skill: Fighter/dps ability. Initiation/movement skills are necessary for all fighters. Most tanks are also melee fighters.

In summary: He is a poor mage because of unreliable damage output and unremarkable burst potential. He can still do it, but he will not be living up to his potential.

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Yes, you are wrong about Gragas and AP being the way to go. It's one way to go, but you'll be far more useful to your team as the fast, nigh indestructible tank that laughs off towers that Gragas can be. Gragas can deal nice damage as an AP caster, but he lacks the raw burst of a Ryze or Annie, and he lacks CC for the most part as well (his ult is useful, but a 45-60 sec cooldown doesn't count as CC).

This discrepancy is especially apparent if you pick Gragas, which might cause no one else on team team to pick a tank. If you enter such a game without communicating your intent to play AP Gragas, prepare to be disliked.

His Barrels are okay, but intelligent players can greatly reduce the amount of damage you do to them by dodging. As well, most AP builds don't stack a lot of CDR, so for most of the game your Barrels will have a fairly long cooldown.

Tank Gragas is amazing. Check out nicosharp's Weeba Wousa Guide for tips on how to play him, if you're interested. Oh yeah, and a properly built and played tank Gragas drunkenly laughs at the futile attempts of melee characters to damage him, and then he slams his big, hairy, sweaty gut right into their sobbing faces.

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There are, as I see it, three ways to play Gragas:

AD: This build is really only valid on TT. Nicosharp has a guide for it, and you can also dig up a lot of games from livestream. His damage output is beastly early game, but he starts to fall off if you can't secure the win.

Tank: Again, see Nico's guides and livestreams for the optimal way to play this. Damage output remains high through early and midgame, forcing players to deal with you. The huge disadvantage is the lack of hard CC. If someone goes after your squishy, you can hurt that person, slow them, and possibly even move them away with your ult. That's it, though. This build was much more broken before the leviathan nerf, when you could easily obtain 20 stacks by late midgame and then shrug off half of all damage with the levi passive, W, and masteries.

AP: This build is beginning to gain prominence, partially due to the AP buff to bodyslam, and partially due to Vman7. You can check out his livestream to see how this build should be played in an ideal world, although I admit that his build is still too difficult for me. For example, Vman starts with tome, mana pot, flash, and heal. With those, he easily controls his lane until he saunters back with 3500 gold to buy some items. I do much better when I play with doran's ring, a health pot, flash, and cleanse. It sets me back a little, but not as much as overextending and giving up FB.