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D. Leona is a good solo top

Don't ever say that again

Edit: You go bot leona's useless in any other lane you should always be in lane until lvl 10 then start roaming build her items as whatever is in your lane. She works really well with an ad carry on bot as long as you let your carry last hit while you harass. You'll eventually be able to grab some kills/assists
Edit 2: She is viable in ranked

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Leona is a tank, and by definition will have significantly lower AP ratios compared to other champions. The trade-off for that is stuns/disables and her passive. You have to accept a couple of things about tanks.

1. Tanks won't be getting a lot of kills. That is not their job, their job is to help lockdown/cc specific targets in team fights to allow their higher-damage teammates to get the kills. That said a tank's skill is not based on their score, so it would behoove you not to insult a tank because they don't have lot of kills.

2. Tanks don't have a "build order". There is no specific order by which to make a build like other champions, we build to the situation. AD carry present and more physical damage in your lane? Probably going more armor or even a thornmail and ninja tabi. AP carry present or a lot of hard CC? Then you would forgo the tabi for merc treads and grab a negatron cloak. Getting hit harder than expected? Probably rush a warmog's for padding. Most of us have a more dedicated starting item but there isn't a strict item build.

3. Tanks tend to be more "gold poor". Since we don't get many, if any, kills and we are almost all melee we tend to have less of an income than the champions we support who can gank and last-hit from range. Given that we have to be smarter about our shopping back at the fountain. The only real way to generate income is to lane with a proper damage champion (preferably ranged) and setup ganks/kills for your lane partner and rake in the assist income.

That said...

Frozen Mallet - Bad idea, you don't have the attack speed on Leona to maintain this well. If anything a Rylai's would be better but even then you are a tank and as such are hurting your team by trying to build damage items. You are the tank, start building like one.

Building - If above wasn't enough, I usually start with a Regrowth Pendant. I generally build that into a phil. stone but if I get a good assist income I may forgo that and work on a warmogs. An early warmogs with a bit of farming can help pad your health pool early/mid-game but only if you have to gold to get it early. After that you need to start working on armor or magic resist to maximize that health gain. You build to the game/situation.

Laning - I prefer to support bot or support top if there is no jungler. I never had good times solo'ing a lane as Leona. Inevitably you get some ranged carry who can essentially poke you to death. If they are smart they will stay out of your tower range so you can't stun them under it and Leona simply doesn't have the damage output to properly hold a lane solo against another who is reasonably competent.

All said, I play Leona a lot more than my other champions because I play a lot with coworkers and her toolkit helps me to secure kills for my coworkers and help to redirect team fights. I don't hear about her in ranked play but I never hear much about tanks in general in ranked play. Except Amumu and how everyone hates/bans him if at all possible.

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I'm one of the players that stack Health and CDR on leona.
My usual build is:

- Philosopher Stone
- HoG
- Boots (usually mercury)
- Kindlegem (10% CDR is godly)

After that I start looking what I can afford... usually the following items:
- Aegis
- Phage -> Frozen Mallet
- Glacial Shroud = Frozen Heart
- Force of nature (speed to catch the bad guys)
- Abyssal scepter (a tiny bit extra damage and a MR Aura to help your allies doing more damage).
- Shurelias
- Raduims

VERY VERY game my build looks something like this (Vs a balanced team)
- Shurelia
- Randuims
- Frozen Mallet
- Mercury Thread
- Frozen Heart
- Abyssal Scepter

With this you get 40% CDR, 2 great activating items to help your team (fleeing and catching up), decent magic resist, decent armor, a slow on very hit and other things.

If you already got CDR masteries or runes you can remove frozen heart for Thornmail or Force of Nature. Shurelia and Randuims are just amazing for tanking because of their actives, I wouldn't remove them from my build