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Riot: Got a simple store idea

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When purchasing runes add an "Owned" value in description box.

As in Mark of Desolation (9 Owned)

Eliminates jumping between the summoner page and store when shopping for runes.

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Senior Member


We should also be able to look at our rune page while on the rune store :\ Or move the rune store to the rune page completely. It takes too long to go between menus, it makes me really frustrated at pvp.net for staggering so much :\ When you switch from your rune page to the rune store, it goes all the way back to the front page of the store and takes so much time, you have to try and find where you were :\

And it really only happens with PVP.net, I've seen other applications that use the same software (Adobe AIR) and they are all horribly jumpy and they stagger when going between menu pages.

In fact, I think Riot should get a completely different software to handle that interface altogether. Go to every game review site and they all say the same thing: "Horrible lobby interface".
When you try to start custom games with 5v5 people, it bugs so much and people lag out of the room, or get left behind, or get a blank champ select, or can't join the room... Sometimes custom games will even go to champ select, but its bugged and the game starts immediately instead of counting down from 75 seconds. PVP.net is a pain to navigate and I hope Riot has plans to change this..