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Kindred Spirits (Story)

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Hipster Pinkie P

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Inali gazed over the chilled pond of her glade from where she crouched upon the shore. Her eyes found her own reflection staring back at her from the crystalline water, and she playfully flicked a long ear and winked at herself before standing with a satisfying crunch of snow.

The Ionian forest where the spirit had made her home was usually fairly temperate throughout the year, but a little bit of meddling had transformed this particular haven into a tribute to her former Freljordian sanctuary. Snowflakes lightly fell upon a whim, and when moonlight happened to silver the clearing during particularly clear nights it burst into an ashen brilliance rarely seen in nature. It suited her tastes perfectly.

Inali had come to the enlightened isles after becoming frustrated with her solitude in the frozen northern regions. The climate had been to her liking, but she had had little interaction with others. The yeti had been amusing for a while, as had the barbarians and the three princess tribes. After the unification and city-state status, however, the other inhabitants had been less benevolent to her presence and tricks. After only dealing with the tundra's sparse fauna for several months, Inali had decided to travel to Ionia, which was renowned for its spiritualism and embrace of the natural world.

The Ionians were a peacable people by nature, something the spirit realized immediately. She frequented the areas around the Placidium in her first few weeks within the island nation, flitting nimbly from rooftops and hiding beneath waterfalls. She had learned from previous reactions in Freljord that a more human-like appearance was necessary. Though she doubted the inhabitants would react negatively to a nine-tailed fox spirit, Inali chose to appear as normal as possible.

Her long pale hair was kept from her face by a pin of amethyst and gold, something she'd traded for with a villager on her journey from the north. Her light coat retracted to form a heavy jacket and loose soft pants, trimmed with her own fur, in an outfit similar to those she'd seen while passing Noxus and its settlements. Overall, she thought she passed for human very well, and apparently so did the Ionians. She could walk unquestioned among them, a fact she was rather proud of.

Over time she'd made her way to the southern forests, near areas she'd heard Noxus had occupied not long before. Nothing enticed a spirit like renewal and rebirth, so she settled in the area and used her magic to transform a secluded winter paradise around her chosen pool. Her abode itself was anchored on the small central island, and she frequently spent her days either visiting nearby villages or journeying to other provinces. The Ionians were good-natured, often enduring her pranks with smiles and grace.

Shaking her head to snap from her reverie, Inali smiled as an icy breeze ruffled her fur collar. It truly was a simple, enjoyable existence she'd forged. Maybe she'd start another trip to the Placidium soon. After all, Soraka might be there and the snow spirit found her immensely interesting when she could spot her. Maybe this time she'd even be able to speak with the Starchild. A quick movement in the snow on her pond's opposite shore caught Inali's brilliantly blue gaze, and she moved instantly toward the source. Water froze beneath her light footfalls, allowing her to traverse the pool without trouble until she beheld the last traces of a strange being moving into the normal woods beyond her home.

Why the creature hadn't stopped was beyond Inali, but what intrigued her most was the fact that the humanoid shape had distinct ears and nine flowing tails. Without hesitation, she began to follow at a quick pace.


So this is the first short chapter chronicling the story behind my own OC, Inali the Snow Spirit. With the advent of Ahri I figured I would play upon the similarities and differences between the two and hopefully make it an enjoyable story. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome, and I will personally be rereading each chapter several times as I go since I know the flow of the story is a little erratic at times. Thanks for reading!

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Hmm.. this has huge potential +1

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I certainly like the idea; i'll be checking back for sure